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Benefits of Using an Optimized Press Release for SEO & Internet Marketing

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Published: Monday, September 8, 2008 by 24-7 Press Release

Marketing and promoting an online business today is significantly more challenging than it was back in 1994 when Yahoo first started. A large contributing factor is the sheer growth in the number of web sites launching every day jockeying for Internet real estate. This is especially evident over the last 4 years.

Before 1999, marketing and promoting a website was easy. All you were really required to do was submit your website to Yahoo, DMOZ, and a few other large directories and search engines and presto, you have traffic.

Today however is more difficult and you have to be more creative than applying the basics. Adding your company to Yahoo Directory may help marginally in the terms of ranking with search engines, but that is pretty much where the buck stops. If you are considering listing with DMOZ, expect to wait upwards of a year or more. And sending email requests to sites that are relative to your industry and requesting back links? Forget it! With the amount of spam flying around the Internet, you will be lucky to receive a 2% response rate.

Times have definitely changed. This means from a marketing perspective you must become engaged in blogs, RSS & press release distribution. Optimized press releases are now regarded as an integral component of an effective Internet marketing strategy.

A press release provides a multitude of benefits for SEO and Internet marketing:
  1. Trusted Source. 24-7 Press Release ( is a leading provider of press release distribution services, with over 50,000 distributed releases and serving 7-8 million headline impressions daily. Founded in 2004, the site is well-established, well-visited, and "trust-worthy” in the eyes of the search engine.

  2. Keyword Linking. The cornerstone of any successful link building program begins by finding quality links from a trusted source. Back links to your website is a proven and time-tested SEO technique. Keyword linking within an optimized press release allows you to select the keywords and link them back to your website. This is very effective when your press release is written with keywords in mind. Search engines place more weight on your back links when content is both relevant and from a trusted source.

  3. Instant Traffic. A press release can generate automatic publicity for you. Search engines pickup stories faster than ever. Distribution to Google News, RSS news aggregators, and thousands of opt-in journalists gives your company instant exposure. This is the main reason why press releases are so popular.

  4. Crawler-friendly URL. An optimized press release creates a crawler-friendly URL based on the title of your press release. This allows search engines to easily index your press release. Regular dynamic URLs can contain long and cumbersome querystrings, not exactly search engine friendly.

  5. Viral Benefits. Press release content becomes syndicated on the net much quicker therefore when a story is distributed to syndicated news channels, the story has the viral effect of being published over and over again. Imagine the thousands of readers finding your story on the major search engines?

  6. Cost Effectiveness and ROI (Return on Investment). An optimized press release from 24-7 Press Release will cost you $49. It is a relatively low investment considering the hundreds to thousands of views a press release receives. If your story receives 1000 views, it would cost $.05 per view. If you consider the cost of using PPC (Pay per Click) today, the average cost for a top keyword can easily exceed $3.50 per click. If someone reads your press release, they have a genuine interest in your company and will click further. PPC does not guarantee a customer will purchase and a lot of money can be spent in a hurry. Your PPC ads stop when your money runs out while your press release continues to bring you natural traffic through the search engines.
There you have them -- six benefits of using an optimized press release for SEO & Internet marketing. This is one marketing tool that every Internet marketer should be without.

To distribute an effective and affordable press release, visit ( Optimized press releases start at $49 per release. Include distribution to Google News, RSS network and thousands of opt-in journalists, SEO enhancements, logo/image attachments, statistics, and permanent inclusion to the database. Founded in 2004, the site has distributed over 50,000 releases and serves 7-8 million headline impressions daily.