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Share This Page Advises of New Functionality and Integration of a Press Release Distribution Service With Your Content Marketing

August 25, 2016

The buzz over the last couple of years has been all about content marketing, a marketing strategy that some think has only been around for the last couple of years, but in reality has been around for decades. Read more on this here.

"Distribution of a press release is nothing new for anyone into PR and marketing, however the reasons for wanting to distribute a press release have changed more in the last eight years than ever before," said Michael Iwasaki, Managing Partner of "Previously, businesses sent a press release to the media to advise them of a new product or service. In the financial sector, it may have been to release earnings reports. These press releases were mainly fact-driven rather than telling a story. As search engines became more popular and electronic news distribution became widely used, people tried to game the search engines by distributing news stuffed with keyword links. Google responded to this challenge and it didn’t take long for Google to begin using new algorithms to manage their search rankings. Google's Panda and Penguin were released to clean up this type of behavior and emphasize quality content rather than keyword links. This left a lull in the press release service industry."

Until marketers and PR professionals adapted to this new paradigm, there was a lull in the press release distribution business. However, along came content marketing and the strategy of integrating content marketing with press release strategy. Content marketing emphasizes sharing valuable information that helps and educates the audience in addition to providing basic factual information. A content marketing approach to press release writing engages your audience more deeply and improves online visibility because it is the type of information that people want to share. This is essential for building brand awareness and strengthening your reputation. Many businesses are using this new strategy quite effectively. Further information about this may be found through our Knowledge Base.

When you use a press release distribution site like (with their Mass Media Visibility package) to send a story, your visibility is greatly enhanced. This visibility, especially when shared on social media, has the potential to go viral and receive thousands or tens of thousands of shares and likes. provides you with a report of websites where your press release was sent, combined with access to statistics. A new feature at is that you also get a report of from where people have viewed your press release.

One thing hasn’t changed, however: press releases are still written to get the word out to those people in the marketplace who are interested in hearing what you have to say and can actually further your story by sharing it with others. So keep getting those press releases out there!

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