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How long has 24-7PressRelease been in business?
24-7PressRelease was launched in 2004 in order to offer an affordable alternative to expensive press release promotion services. Since the company’s inception, 24-7 Press Release has serviced over 30,000 clients and distributed more than 200,000 press releases.
Is 24-7PressRelease associated with other newswires?
Yes, we have a strategic partnership with PR Newswire, a global leader in news and information distribution services for professional communicators. For our Mass Media Visibility plan, we distribute news through the PR Newswire network.

How do I get started submitting a press release?
To get started submitting a press release, create a free Publisher’s Account. Once you have completed the registration process you can submit a press release by going to the Publisher’s area of Account Manager.
Does 24-7PressRelease offer any tips or help on how to write an effective press release?
What is your proper press release format?
1. Include both a main headline and a short summary or subheading. Include your company name in your headline to add credibility to your release.

2. Try to use accurate grammar, spelling and a newsworthy angle when writing your press release. Try to always attribute quotes to an individual and include their job title if relevant. Do not worry about including a dateline; this is automatically populated by our system. Please note, however, that the location is pulled from your contact details, so if you would prefer a different one please include the appropriate location at the start of your release.

3. Attachments can be included in your press release – images, documents and – with $89 and above packages – video.

4. Contact information is displayed alongside your press release. If you have complete contact information this adds more credibility to your release and allows media outlets to contact you if they want to follow up on your story.

What types of press releases does not accept?
We do not accept press releases related to the following: publicly traded companies, casino/gambling, sports betting, e-cigarettes or tobacco, online pharmacies, pornographic or sexually explicit materials, male enhancement, illegal activity, releases containing defamatory comments or statements, intent to harm or any other material we deem unacceptable. This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company's stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual or group.

Will I receive a refund if my press release is rejected?
24-7PressRelease will provide a refund on an individual case to case basis subject to a 15% processing fee. No refunds will provided for any press releases containing fradulent and misleading information or content perceived to be defamatory or with the 'Intent to Harm'. This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company's stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual, group or company.
How much does it cost to use 24-7PressRelease?
24-7PressRelease offers free press release distribution (a maximum of one press release per day) as well as four paid press release distribution packages:

- $49 – Visibility Boost package
- $89 – PR Network Plus package
- $139 – Integrated Media Pro package
- $389 – Mass Media Visibility package

Please note that all packages are priced on a per-release basis. We do not offer monthly or annual subscription packages. More information on these packages can be found at
What are featured press releases?
Featured press releases are the top three paid press releases for the date of the release. The top three press releases are highlighted in a blue box and will receive, on average, three times more page displays as regular press releases. Featured press releases are also displayed on search pages including search by date and category.
How do I upgrade my press release?
If you have submitted a free press release, you can increase its visibility by making a contribution payment. Log in to “Account Manager”, and select “Manage Press Release” (found in the green “Quick Links” box). Once you are on this screen, select the press release you wish to contribute to and click “Increase payment”. Enter the payment amount and complete the payment process.
How are press releases ranked on 24-7PressRelease
Press releases will appear in the following order:

Paid press releases, from highest payment to lowest. The top three paid releases are listed as featured press releases.
Free press releases.

Paid press releases will always appear before free releases. Free submissions are shown on a first come-first serve basis. For paid press releases that have an equal payment, the release that is submitted earliest will take priority.
Can I pick the date for my press release to show up?
Yes, you can choose the date of your release. If you are the first to submit a release for that date, your release will show up first on the 24-7PressRelease home page. You will not, however, be able to see whether someone else has already booked a release on that day. Just submit your release as early as you are able to. Please note that $49 Visibility Boost releases are released a minimum of two days in advance. Next day release is available with the $89 PR Network Plus and above packages.
Does my video or attachments get distributed?
Your video and attachments are only viewed on the 24-7PressRelease website. We only distribute the text version of your stories to our news partners.
Can I schedule my release for a specific time during the day?
No, our press releases are scheduled to be released each day at midnight. This ensures your story reaches our journalists, news partners, and search engines. Valuable distribution is missed if your story is released in the middle of the day.
Can I make changes to my story before it is released?
Yes, if your story has not been released, you have up to 9:00pm PST (for the following release day) to make changes. This allows us enough time to review and re-approve your story for distribution.
What happens if I edit my story on the day of the release?
If you edit your story on or after the day of the release, your changes will only be reflected on the 24-7PressRelease website. We cannot update your story for our news distribution partners. If you need to make an important change, please do so before the release day and by our cut-off time of 9:00pm PST.
How long will my press release stay on 24-7PressRelease?
Your release remains online at 24-7PressRelease until you remove it. Most users leave their releases online even after the story becomes old news. Leaving your press releases online has the advantage of letting people know where you have been as an organization and provides a historical reference of the company’s activities. 24-7PressRelease reserves the right to remove your press release if business, legal or regulatory requirements require us to do so.
How do I add text links and formatting?
Adding text links and formatting is available for all our paid packages beginning at $49 USD. It is simple to create text links in our system for your press release's keywords. First, however, remember that anything that is a straight URL (ie any web address beginning with www. or http://, or any email address written out in full with the @ sign) will automatically link, so there is no need to use this code for those.

To link keywords to a website or web page, however, simply copy the code below and replace "keyword" with the keywords you want to link, and "" with your specific website or page that you wish for the words to link to.

[url=]my keywords[/url]

To link to an email message that will be sent to a specific address, use this:

[]email us here[/email]

To make your text bold, italicized or underlined, use the code below:

[b]I want this text to be bold[/b]

[i]I want this text to be italicized[/i]

[u]I want this text to be underlined[/u]

It is as simple as that!

Remember, although we do not limit the number of keyword links you may include in your press release, it is recommended that you do not include more than two.

Do You Use No-Follow Links?
24-7PressRelease keeps on the cutting edge of search engine trends, both for our own purposes but also - of course - for the benefit of our clients.

On July 26, 2013, Google updated their webmaster guidelines policies putting forth their position on "no-follow" links. No-follow links are preferred by Google as they lead to more authentic search engine results, rather than results skewed due to link spamming or keyword loading.

As we hold search engine compliance in high regard, 24-7 Press Release Newswire will include only no-follow links.

As a customer, you do not need to do anything on your end; links will automatically be made no-follow once a release is submitted. This new policy will ensure your release is held in the highest esteem by Google and not flagged for spam. Please keep in mind, the benefits of a press release include the ability to deliver your story to credible news channels, journalists, bloggers and social media to gain natural exposure and further your story. Press releases also encourage greater readership and consumers to take action, driving increased organic traffic to your website - not to build a network of inbound links.

How do I get started receiving news stories?
To get started receiving news stories, create a free Journalist’s Account. Once you have completed the registration process, you can customize your preferences by going to the Journalist’s area of Account Manager.
How often will I receive my news stories?
Depending on the preferences you set, you can expect to receive news stories on a daily basis. The more news channels you subscribe to, the more news stories you will receive.
Who do I contact about a press release on the site?
If you have any questions regarding a press release, please contact the media contact listed with the press release. Please do not contact 24-7PressRelease; 24-7PressRelease disclaims any content contained in the press release.