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Press release service questions Answers Top Questions About Press Release Distribution and Different Services is frequently asked, during comparisons, what makes it the best press release service provider, in our opinion and how is our distribution different or better than other companies?

Press release visibility

How Can I Increase My Press Release Visibility by Giving it an Angle to Which People Can Relate? NEWSJACKING -- What is it?

Newsjacking is the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to increase your own sales and marketing success.

Press release service and PR

What is the Role of Public Relations, Communications and Marketing? Where Does a Press Release Fit Into the PR Picture? Explains

Almost daily, we hear terms such as public relations, PR, marketing and communications. In this article, we'll explain some of these terminologies.

Press Releases - Some Considerations to Keep in Mind When Preparing Your Masterpiece

More than 60 percent of journalists turn to the Internet to source their news stories and ideas through press releases and research.

Overcoming press writers block

Press Release Ideas - Overcoming the Writers Block - A Few Ideas to Help

Before you come up with a press release, marketing idea or concept, you need to understand why you want to tell your marketing story and then distribute it in the first place.

Tips to Incorporating Your Press Release with Your Content Marketing Strategy From Press Release Service

If you are using a press release service to distribute your news, ensure that your press release is kept on the shorter side, and kept on point. Advises How Videos Within Your Press Release Can Increase Sales

Using a video within a press release can help strengthen the story.

Content Marketing, Press Distribution and Social Media, a Perfect Marketing Balance for 2017 Explained

Marketing is not a single silo effort; it is a toolkit of marketing tools that, when used effectively, complete the effort.

Press release distribution time

Your Press Distribution Plan and Timing Over the Holidays -- Tips from

One of the more popular inquiries at the 24-7 Press Release support line recently is the inquiry about distribution of your press release over the holiday season.

Recognizing a World of Transformation in Public Relations - Getting the Upper Hand

The world of PR is a place of transformation. At one stage, the use of a press release service, or distribution of a press release was everything to PR. Times have changed and purposes have changed.