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With the Holidays Quickly Approaching, We Have Assembled a Few Press Marketing Tips to Help Increase Your Exposure

By using a press release distribution or a content syndication service you can now directly reach your customers with your holiday themed news that doesn't sound "pitchy" or sales oriented.

Why You Should Use a Press Release to Assist in the Promotion of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Forrester research has backed this up by advising that "many brand marketers fail to plan for the distribution and discovery of their content.... Marketers should address distribution at the strategy stage...."

Promoting an Event? Distributing Your Press Release Should be Timed to Meet Today's Digital Needs.

Don't make the common mistake of leaving the distribution of your press release to the last minute!

Increasing the Online Visibility of Your Press Release is Easier Than You Think.

A couple of hints to help you receive the maximum reach possible for your press release.

Writing and Distribution of Your Press Release; the Difference Between Using an Online Press Distribution Service and Personally Sending Your Message to Journalists.

There are a number of reasons why a company may distribute news online. Ensuring you are doing it for the right reason is pertinent.

Press Releases are Good for Building Your Brand, and it Turns Out They Are Still Good for SEO

Press release distribution is one of the best ways to gain SEO, as long as the press release is well written, informative and mentions the brand often but not frivolously.

24-7 Press Release Newswire - Press Release Distribution During the Holidays: Why This is a Prime Time for Distributing a Press Release, plus some Do's and Don'ts

The period between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a golden opportunity to strike with a story to end out the year or jumpstart the next year.

Distributing Your Press Release is One Thing. Engaging Your Audience is Something Else. Are You Doing What is Required to Engage Your Audience?

Before you distribute your press release, ask yourself, "Is this something my target audience can become attached to, or is it simply a broadcast press release that rambles on?"

Google's Panda 4.1

With all this talk of "high quality content" early analyses of this newest update show that news sites and content-based sites are considered high quality.

Becoming an Editor's Best Friend: Writing Something Newsworthy

There's a certain skill to writing a press release and adhere from it sounding like spam or an advertisement.