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Dear President Obama: Do You Really Want to Bring Change to America?

Who says hope and change is too lofty a goal and we can only make small improvements in some areas of life as our financial resources have declined.
    November 28, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Who says hope and change is too lofty a goal and we can only make small improvements in some areas of life as our financial resources have declined. There is this huge opportunity for wholesome change that will lift America to a new level of unprecedented health, wealth and happiness!

We are where we are because the majority of Americans are saddled with emotional baggage in our brains. It is our emotionally challenged behavior that has and is dragging America down.

Remember when many of us were crying on inauguration day? We were crying with happiness. Four years from now it seems a few of us will really cry; if your administration continues to focus on just improving mind education and continues to neglect brain education. As brain education will not come to education; real change will not come to America and your promise and this huge opportunity of hope and change will be lost.

What are you going to change about America in your new term? Make America more prosperous, make Americans sleep soundly, really happy, improve spousal relationships, bring down drug addictions, divorce, crime. Make America more healthy, bring about surpluses in government and individual budgets. Make friendships real and improve the standard of living and standards of life across the board. How about if we can do all this and more through a single course of action?

It all boils down to making human behavior emotionally super healthy; that will have a rippling improvement on all areas of life. It is all dependent on the quality of brain power and mind power that we have across the board. Our brain power is polluted, creating emotionally challenged brains on such a massive scale. Resulting is this emotionally challenged behavior that is the cause of all this mess. We can turn things around. We can bring real change to America by introducing brain education for the young and old; that will develop full throttle pure brain power.

We do not even have a correct understanding of what is brain education. We are not even clear about the differences between the brain and mind. In fact we are still so foggy about the mind that High School text books on psychology do not have any chapter on the mind. Yet it is the brain and mind that are our most critical means that determine our human nature and our human intelligence; that determines the quality of our behavior and the quality of our life.

One of the biggest problems is that Main Stream Science is obsessed with trying to figure out the first cause of things. They want to first understand both the brain and mind and the differences between them before they can start to teach the brain and mind separately. We do not need to know the first cause of what makes the brain and mind what they are. A mother does not need to know what is wisdom to make her child wise. The main focus of research has to be to find out how to create the best quality brain and mind; even if we are ignorant of what the brain and mind are.

It is the brain that is the foundation of both the brain and mind. It is the brain that projects the mind. A pure brain projects a pure mind. A polluted brain projects a polluted mind. A pure brain is a brain with no emotional baggage. It is as simple as that. So brain education is emotional baggage cleaning brain therapy. We already have therapies that make the sub-normal into normal we can use the same to make the so called normal into super normal.

If you do not act on our proposal to start a massive program to purify the brains of the young and the old, these next four years will bring the same results as the last four years in terms of really changing America. Emotionally challenged brains will continue to fill our jails, our mental asylums, our divorce courts. Students will continue to drop out and others will take many more than the four years to graduate. America will continue to decline and drug addictions, greed, bankruptcies, life's miseries and unhappiness will remain the same. The emotional baggage in the brains will dictate life and continue to determine America's future.

If you do act you will see massive benefits in all areas of life. Instead of America being a phony over confident, under-confident society, driven by emotional baggage it will be a super healthy society driven by the pure self.

We have the magic key that will make America achieve all of the above and more. We at the 4th R Foundation have figured out the concepts and the road map. We now need massive action on your part with full support and cooperation of all those who can help in this field. We will have to introduce a new subject that teaches brain education to the young and the old.

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Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation/
2 Union Place
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

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