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Edith Croteau Honored for Accomplishments in Personal Development

Ms. Croteau aims to create a legacy with her information and her contribution in the world

Edith Croteau follows her passion in personal development with a story of life, love, losses, and survival.

    ASBESTOS, QUEBEC, CANADA, March 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Edith Croteau, Founder of the Deep Connection, Public Speaker, High Performance & Ontology (Nature of Being and Existence) Coach and Mentor, Certified Life-Business Coach, as well as a mediator, philanthropist and entrepreneur, has been recognized as a VIP Member by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in her profession.

Edith Croteau follows her passion in personal development with a story of life, love, losses, and survival. With her ten years in the industry of coaching and mentoring, Ms. Croteau has developed a keen sense of awareness and presence, her spiritual influence and a skill in life development and self-help.

She got involved in her profession because of the wisdom she gained from her tremendous and particular life journey, her knowledge and the beliefs she has in life, and her understanding of inner experience.

"Everything I teach and share is something I've experienced myself. I practice what I teach everyday" she said.

She decided to let go of the idea of having a steady life and took on a new adventure to grow and create. Edith has developed a keen sense of listening, presence and performance, her spiritual influence and competence in the development of life and self-help.

Ms. Croteau has worked with coaches, entrepreneurs and individuals from different levels of society and helped them understand how to use their energy and potential properly to allow them to be more conscious, to have greater clarity on their uniqueness, and to create unlimited access to opportunities in life. She guides, instructs, or helps others in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding, or skills that will serve him or her to recognize their true nature. She's here simply to serve her clients' recognition of their true nature and the final measure of her functioning in this capacity is the degree of your own depth of realization.

With this she combines a high performance life structure that will help each individual to excel in his or her achievement.

"Many Coaches and Mentors use framework and specific programs to help you improve your life. They polish, adjust and enhance your life, but despite all their good work, it remains on the surface and most of you fail to reach a high level of awareness, performance and/or to achieve great change in your lives. I Change Lives!"

"It is my life experience and my connection within that gave me the ability to do what I am capable of doing today. It's about knowing who we are at a deeper level, what we want, and how to reach a higher level to be successful in life. Reaching the level of a conscious mind, and an engaging mind. The major reason why people are living their lives in misery is because they are living without a deep sense of presence and consciousness. They don't bring their full presence into their day-to-day actions. It's easy to get back into an unconscious state of mind; that's why people need a coach and a mentor to train them to get into a deep sense of presence, to shift their consciousness. I Inspire and Instruct other people on how to improve their lives and business. It doesn't matter what level of education you have, what matters is if you are ready to make the change". She thoroughly loves what she does. She made a decision years ago to change her life and decided to share her experiences in order to help others with an organic approach to create greatness.

In the near future, Ms. Croteau intends to expand the area in which she does business. She intends to write for various magazines, and she has been invited to participate in a variety of radio shows in 2014; she may also involve herself with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Quebec, Canada. She also plans on creating a nonprofit organization to help young people. "It's about empowering the new young generation to see their uniqueness, to realize how powerful they are and what they can create. It's about noticing the differences between us and knowing at the same time how much we are the same and equal. People need to know it is imperative to be ourselves in this life."

She has been recognized by the NCFE, an award-winning nationally-recognized organization, for outstanding distinction in her studied accomplishment. A graduate of Marsan College, Ms. Croteau earned a degree in computer science. She also holds a degree in human resources from Maisonneuve College, and studied drug and alcohol abuse counseling, psychology, high performance, sports pssychology and mindfulness. She became a Certified Personal Life and NLP Coach of the Academy of Coaching and NLP in California and was recognized by the International Coaching Federation.

In recognition of her accomplishments, she was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding. She also maintains affiliation with The Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches, Affiliation of Ethical & Professional Therapists and the Experts Industry Association.

She provides coaching and mentoring at an individual level, group level and in VIP Programs.
Ms. Croteau also offers her services in French.

The Deep Connection provides public speaking, personal life coaching and training services. For more information, visit or (French).

She also wants to raise awareness that good writing skills will never be replaced by technology. She attributes her success to her determination, passion and humor, as well as her ability to adapt. In recognition of her accomplishments, she was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding.

Ask Aunt Em is a communications consultancy that provides training services for public speaking and writing. For more information, visit

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