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Hurricanes and Typhoons Could be Transformed into a Force for Good

One of the most deadliest natural phenomena could be turned into an instrument to help humanity with proper technology and controls.

    TUCSON, AZ, May 28, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What if hurricanes and typhoons could be turned into a force for good? What if this phenomenon that is traditionally considered a destructive force and a natural disaster could be directed and used to help replenish water stores in drought areas? What if technology could advance so that aircraft could guide hurricanes and typhoons to land onto hurricane/typhoon landing zones year after year?

Dow Creative Enterprises proposes that technology can advance to the point that knowledge of how to adjust the atmosphere to direct weather events like hurricanes and typhoons will be gained. Devices will be created and deployed which will create a controlled landing into specific areas around the world. The devices will need to be safe to be initiated over populated areas since the last guided directional maneuver may always be over populated areas. Since hurricanes bring enormous amounts of water onto land through the ensuing rainfall, this will help replenish water stores and supplement some river/aquifer water systems most cities depend on for fresh water and plant irrigation.

Once this knowledge is gained, wide areas of coastal land will have to be procured by the federal government through eminent domain. Since the eye of a hurricane can be between 5 and 120 miles wide, the length of the hurricane landing zone, which will be barren, will need to be approximately 100 miles long. The depth of the hurricane landing zone will need to be around 25 miles. These areas could become national parks for wildlife.

The United States of America should have 2 landing zones, one in TX and one in South Carolina. This will allow for Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean hurricanes to have a secure landing path. The rainfall from these two landing areas will help the Midwest and its crops as well as replenish water stores in the southeast where water fights have been known to occur over rivers. As for the Pacific Ocean typhoons, China should also have some landing zones.

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