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All Press Releases for August 17, 2013 »
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Kingdom of Pirates: A Heart-Racing Multiplayer PVP Adventure!

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    August 17, 2013 /EIN Presswire/ -- _p style='margin-bottom:1em;font-size:115%;'__i_Kingdom of Pirates is a free-to-download MMORPG, featuring hundreds of quests and an endless adventure at sea._/i__/p_ SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI, CHINA, August 16, 2013 / -- It's time to fight them sea monsters! And witch doctors! And other pirates, yarrr!

Kingdom of Pirates is a multiplayer strategy game with tons of heart-racing PVP action. This free-to-download MMORPG for iPhone, iPad, and iPod features hundreds of quests and an endless adventure at sea. As captains of pirate ships, players must sail from island to island, defeating their foes and doing what they can to grab some nice booty--that is pirate word for treasure, by the way.

The game kicks off with a rich, detailed narrative that doubles as a tutorial, guiding player and crew around after an emergency landing on an unfamiliar island. On this island, the player can collect resources, train officers, forge weapons, and recruit more pirates. A player must have a powerful crew to defeat treacherous foes like the ghost of William Kidd!

Players can also pillage one another in Open Waters, where they can acquire crops, gold, runestones, and infamy. Players can use runestones to teach their ship's officers specialties like Fury Slash and Lethal Stab. When players become mighty infamous, they can advance to scarier parts of Open Waters, like Foggy Straight and Trepid Seas! Shiver me timbers! These dangerous waters give players lots of wonderful privileges, like advanced equipment forging and the opportunity to team up with fellow players for Team Mode battles!

Infamy isn't just for moving to higher Open Waters areas--it can also benefit your guild! Players from top guilds can receive weekly stipends. Members of the same guild, or "guildies," can also send each other special gifts and communicate in a guild-only chat room. Guilds also offer guild techs, which are special services that make leveling easier!

Infamy can also be acquired in Kingdom of Pirates' other PVP activity--the Pirate Tourney! In a bloodthirsty duel to become the most notorious pirate around, captains sic their crews on each other! The higher a player's rank in the Pirate Tourney, the better prizes he or she can get from winning!

Kingdom of Pirates is an epic game where players can make friends, make enemies, and make history! The game has constant player interaction. The life of a pirate is always bursting with danger and excitement, and Kingdom of Pirates delivers! Heave-ho, it's time to grab some booty!_p class='contact' style='margin: 1em 0;'_Mariya Ivanova, Ailsa Zheng
Toivon Studio
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