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Le Tigre Enterprises Employs Competitive Strategy as Per 'Sun Tzu and the Art of Business'

Le Tigre Enterprises have identified that the best way to stay ahead of your competitors and be successful in business is to win the battle before it begins.

    CORK, IRELAND, October 15, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Author of the book 'Sun Tzu and the Art of Business' Mark McNeilly has highlighted that a key strategy from Sun Tzu's classic book the Art of War is winning the battle before it is fought. Le Tigre Enterprises believes this is best illustrated in the movie The Princess Bride during the 'battle of wits' scene between the villain Vizzini and the hero Wesley. Wesley had previously made himself immune to iocane poison through constant exposure. He then sets the terms of the contest between himself and Vizzini to include it, and unknown to Vizzini places the iocane powder in both cups. Therefore it doesn't matter which cup he drinks from, as either way he will win the battle. Le Tigre Enterpises reveals that looking at the contest or competition and then re-setting the terms of the battle is an approach that has also been applied to business to make companies more successful.

Companies such as Cirque de Soleil, Google, Apple, and Le Tigre Enterprises have all applied this principle to win battles in their competitive space and capture market share. Cirque de Soleil won the battle by avoiding competing with circuses in a traditional way. They changed the terms of the contest by eliminating animals, provided a unique experience with artistry instead of slapstick, and built their entire human acrobatic performance around a theme to tell a story. Le Tigre Enterprises reveals that no other circus has matched their sales and growth. Google became the dominant search engine by offering a simple and elegant design that focused on search, and has expanded by buying companies such as YouTube and DoubleClick. In June 2012 it reached its highest share ever (67%) in the search market. Apple completely re-set the terms of the contest with a business model that offers well designed products that provide content, capabilities, and ease of use. By winning the battle before it was fought they had a string of victories with iTunes and the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Le Tigre Enterprises observes that Apple's market cap is now greater than that of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.

Le Tigre Enterprises, an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Cork, has also looked at the competition and re-set the terms of the contest in order to build a successful business. By taking the product or service directly to the customer they are able to avoid the high costs of media advertising and deliver a much higher return on investment for their clients. Le Tigre Enterprises are also able to provide customers with a personalised experience with the brand, which increases customer acquisition and retention. Le Tigre Enterprises believes in keeping their processes short and simple, and as a result have developed a simple marketing system that easy to use and has lead to their success. Ronan O'Connor, Managing Director of Le Tigre Enterprises, believes that the secret is seeing the possibilities in the market that no one else does. He says, "At Le Tigre Enterprises, we understand people and know what customers want, and are able to give it to them. By understanding our competitors strengths and weaknesses and constantly evaluating our own we are able to stay ahead of the market. We know what it takes and have the capabilities to win."

It takes time, strategy, and effort, but Le Tigre Enterprises believes that winning the battle before it is fought is the best way to be successful in business.

About Le Tigre Enterprises - Cork

Le Tigre Enterprise Ltd are hired by businesses who wish to improve efficiency through outsourcing specialists in sales. If you are looking to grow rapidly while ensuring your brand is represented professionally, Le Tigre Enterprise Ltd could be the right service for you.

Firstly, we learn your brand's ethics and values. We will work as an extension of your current brand so it is of the upmost importance to us that we understand your business.

Next, we will establish your unique selling point. By defining a sales feature that addresses your ideal customer's needs we can then then build your sales and promotional efforts around that feature.

Le Tigre Enterprises Ltd have an outsourced sales force ready to deploy. Call us to arrange an appointment to discuss how to roll out a new sales, acquisition or marketing campaign with us today.


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