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Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimize Your Family Wealth Decisions Now Available

LEGACY, by Richard Orlando, Ph.D., a guide to strengthening families, preparing heirs for the future, and extending a meaningful legacy is now available.

"Offers great value to families everywhere and their advisors." - James E. Hughes, Jr., author of Family Wealth

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 02, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For over twenty-five years Richard Orlando, Ph.D. has worked with financially successful individuals and families. As the founder and CEO of Legacy Capitals, he is a trusted advisor, educator and coach to some of the world's wealthiest families, including entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professional athletes. Whether wealth is created or inherited, large or modest, families need a master plan to protect their legacy, and Richard Orlando is an expert at helping design them.

Orlando knows that your legacy is how you live, not just what you leave. He helps his clients articulate goals and navigate major life decisions by tapping their spiritual capital, an intangible form of capital rooted in core values that's a necessary complement to a client's quantifiable financial capital. By looking at all an individual or family's capitals, including intellectual, social, and human, Orlando helps each individual or family create a multi-generational legacy that aligns with what is most important to them and the ultimate happiness of future generations. In LEGACY: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions (January, 2014; $27.95 hardcover, $9.99 ebook), a guide to strengthening families, preparing heirs for the future, and extending a meaningful legacy, Orlando shares his wisdom and experience. Every family can work together harmoniously, transfer wealth peacefully, and leave a positive social legacy. LEGACY shows how.

From his extensive experience working with individuals and families to design their legacies, Orlando knows that assets of any size create unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you have a small next egg or financial abundance, family wealth is usually emotionally charged. That's because money is like a magnifying glass; every issue--emotional, relational, social or legal--is intensified inscale, complexity and sophistication when money is added to the mix.

Yet most affluent families don't ever talk about their wealth, even among themselves. Nor do they properly prepare their children and grandchildren for their eventual inheritance. Orlando cuts to the heart of those issues by addressing what is often the biggest challenge and the least discussed: the place where wealth, values, and family intersect. While estate planning typically focuses on preparing the assets for those who will inherit, it is just as critical to prepare any heirs to receive those assets.

Unlike other asset-planning guides, LEGACY is unique -it probes the five most important
family-wealth decisions that directly impact families and their legacies:

- How do I ensure a happy and fulfilled life for me and my family?
- How do I transfer my wealth to my children and others I care about?
- How do I prepare the next generation in my family for the opportunities and responsibilities of wealth?
- How do I best give and share my resources with others?
- How do I ensure that my family business (whatever it may be) flourishes?

LEGACY offers wisdom, real-life stories, and step-by-step advice for optimizing these decisions as it explores the nature of legacy itself. Legacy is spiritual, writes the author, in that it means more than simply the assets we leave behind. It's also about the impact and memories we leave on family members, communities, and the larger world as a result of how we live each day. By fully investing in our spiritual capital, we keep a proper perspective on money's purpose in our lives, says Orlando. Though it may symbolize power, security or freedom, money is merely a tool, he explains and how we use it determines whether it enhances happiness or not. Orlando also shows how the most important gifts we give to our heirs have little to do with our financial wealth and why it's more important to transfer the gifts of hard work, gratitude, love and friendship before any wealth arrives. With its five-step, non-technical process for transferring your wealth, ten principles and practices for readying your child for inheritance (or raising a child's Life IQ), and fifteen foundational relationship skills key to navigating successful family businesses, LEGACY details how to increase the success of every generation so each can authentically live their intended legacies. Along with providing effective tools and techniques, Orlando encourages us to act with greater intention and inspiration in planning for the future and to expand our ideas about philanthropy. The result is an invaluable and powerful blueprint for a positive, enduring legacy.

To Purchase Legacy (ebook or Hardcover):

Richard J. Orlando, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Legacy Capitals LLC, serves as a trusted advisor, coach, and educator to affluent individuals and families. He also consults, coaches, and trains professional advisors who work with affluent individuals and families. Dr. Orlando has an interdisciplinary background, holding degrees in computer science, business, and psychology.

He began his career on Wall Street and earned Series 7 and 63 licenses, then returned to school, earning a master's degree in counseling/theology and a doctorate in family systems, during which time he interned with the New York Giants football team. He also holds a certificate in family wealth advising from the Family Firm Institute and a certified professional coach designation from an International Coach Federation accredited program. Dr. Orlando is on the board of directors of Urban Hope in Staten Island, New York. Born and raised in New York City, he currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and their children.

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