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Matijevic: Fresh Packed Meat - No. 1 in the Price-Quality Ratio in Serbia

The first Best Buy Award research in the Republic of Serbia shows that Serbian citizens - where fresh packed meat is involved - give the largest number of votes on the best price-quality ratio to the Matijevic company.

    ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, January 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In the first Best Buy Award research in Serbia and on the basis of their own experience and opinion, Serbian citizens stated that the Matijevic company offers the best value for their money - No. 1 when speaking about the best price-quality ratio for fresh packed meat.

This is the result of the first Best Buy Award research in the Republic of Serbia conducted by the Swiss organisation ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH. The organization measures citizens' experiences and their satisfaction with the price-quality ratio of marketed products and services.

As a part of the Best Buy Award research, the respondents were asked what, in their opinion, represented the best price-quality ratio - the best value for money - in accordance with their personal experience in relation to a specific product or service category in the Serbian market.

Best Buy Award research in the Republic of Serbia included 105 diverse economic categories in sectors such as retail, food, clothes, footwear, cosmetics, home appliances, telecommunications, finances, etc.

The questions in the Best Buy Award research were open-ended, i.e. no answers were offered to the respondents. They could freely state any names of producers or service providers that, in their experience, offer the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Referring to fresh packed meat, the respondents were asked the following: "State the name of a producer or a supplier of FRESH PACKED MEAT that according to your personal experience or the experience of those close to you offers the best price-quality ratio in the Serbian market:"

The majority of the respondents responded to these questions as follows: "Matijevic".

It is important to emphasise that the Best Buy Award research does not measure brand value or market share. The experience, opinion, satisfaction and perception of consumers are exclusively used to measure the price-quality ratio of goods and services on the market, based on personal experience.

On the occasion of receiving the prestigious Best Buy Award, Ms Milijana Bandic, Head of the Marketing Sector at Industrija mesa Matijevic, emphasized: "We are very pleased that the consumers in Serbia have proved in one more way that they recognise the top quality of our fresh meat and its lowest price on the market. Our aim is to keep advancing on a daily basis and keep following a positive trend. We are grateful to our loyal customers and we are not going to let them down in the coming years in both quality and price."

About "Industrija mesa Matijevic d.o.o."

Industrija mesa Matijevic d.o.o. (Matijevic Meat Industry LLC) Novi Sad is the largest producer of meat and cured meat products in Serbia. IM Matijevic employs 1500 workers and owns 123 modern and well equipped retail shops in 50 towns in Serbia.

Methodology and Sampling

The Best Buy Award Research - Serbia - 2013/2014 was conducted by the Swiss organisation ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH, using a sample of 1200 respondents. All the respondents are Serbian citizens - exclusively Internet users aged 15 years and over. The research was conducted using a web questionnaire from 1st to 15th October 2013 and following the CAWI - DEEPMA method (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness method).

On the Best Buy Award Project

Today, consumers are looking for better value for their money more than ever. In their final decision, consumers nowadays compare the price and quality of each product they consider buying.

The ratio between a good price and the best possible quality (Best Buy) is more important now than ever to the average global consumer.

The Best Buy Award ( is a project of the Swiss organisation ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The main mission of the Best Buy Award research is to gain insight into the users' experience and perception of products and services considered to provide the best price and quality ratio (the so-called best buy) according to the opinion of the users themselves

The goal of the Best Buy Award project and the certificate is to simplify the search for the best goods and services at the most favourable price. Its intention is to assure benefit to buyers on local and international markets.

The Best Buy Award research is conducted according to the provisions of the 'International Codex for the Implementation of Market and Social Research' adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European Association of Research Experts (ESOMAR).


The Information and data presented in this report and announcement are for informational purposes only. This report is neither designed nor intended to be used for making investment decisions. ICERTIAS and the distributor of the information from this report cannot be in any way responsible for decisions or actions carried out based on the results of the survey, and/or the information contained in this document. The entire survey was conducted with special attention and effort to present the results in a precise and transparent manner. However, ICERTIAS and/or its partners, managers and/or employees are not liable for the accuracy and/or credibility of the information presented here or in the survey.

Additional details and information regarding the ICERTIAS - Best Buy Award SERBIA 2013/2014 survey is available from ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland. Please ask for Media dept: +41-43 508 1051; press(at)icertias(dot)com.


ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH is a private, politically independent organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. ICERTIAS ( stimulates innovative ways of market testing and research at both local and international levels. The organization is primarily focused on the global recognition and promotion of product quality and value. ICERTIAS also encourages international cooperation between current and new testing, research and certification organizations and promotes collaborative development of testing, research and certification tools across national borders. Operating from a consumer perspective, ICERTIAS educates local organizations to promote products and services tested to meet its high-quality standards, offer better value, and extend such quality to local and international markets. Internationally, ICERTIAS is now best known for its BestBuy Award ( and QUDAL - QUality meDAL ( research and certification systems.

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