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Orthodontist in San Antonio, Texas is Committed to "Raising the Bar" in Ortho Treatment

"Every patient has a variety of treatment options available," remarks Dr. Tito Norris of Norris Orthodontics. "We work closely with each individual to determine what will provide the most beautiful smile!"

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, February 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Tito Norris cares. Because quite literally, every smile he achieves is a product of his handiwork. At Norris Orthodontics, we specialize in Invisalign and Damon technology in addition to more traditional appliances that includes metal, ceramic and even gold braces. A free initial consultation is all it takes to get you started on the road to the smile you've always dreamed of.

Dental technology has brought us to an exciting time with regards to dental braces. There are many types of braces from metal braces to ceramic braces, from tooth-colored braces to clear braces.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

The Invisalign process involves the creation of clear molds that act as aligners to straighten your teeth. These Invisalign molds are made after Dr. Norris records impressions of your teeth and sends them to an invisalign lab. Using digital technology the lab makes the clear liners or retainers in about 2 weeks and ships them back to your orthodontist for you to try on.

The Invisalign aligners are clear and are barely visible to others compared to metal orthodontic Braces with brackets and wires. With the guidance of your orthodontist, you move to the next set of Invisalign aligners usually after about 3 weeks. The number of Invisalign aligners will depend on the individual patient and the orthodontic problem.

The Invisalign aligners are generally fairly comfortable. There can be some discomfort or mild Pain when a new Invisalign aligner is placed as it exerts pressure on the teeth to move them. Unlike traditional metal orthodontic braces, there are no brackets to come off or wires to break and poke.


Instead of using elastics, the brackets on Damon braces are a passive self-litigating system. The wires are held in place by a sliding mechanism. This allows for more freedom of movement and eliminates the need for tightening by the orthodontist, which most patients dread.

The wires used in Damon braces are lighter than traditional wires and use unique shape-memory technology. As the teeth gradually glide into place, successively thicker wires made of stainless steel or TMA alloy are used. This means that the teeth are able to move faster and fewer adjustments will be necessary.

The Damon System is appropriate for both children and adults. In fact, more and more adults are choosing orthodontics to improve their appearance. Clear Damon brackets are available for people who are concerned about presenting a professional image to the world.


Metal brackets are very strong and can withstand most types of daily interaction. When initially attached they may be a little irritating to your gums, but patients normally get used to it. Cheeks and gums grow tough and adapt. Most traditional metal braces are installed with elastic rubber bands. These are called ligatures and they keep the arch and the bracket attached to each other. The ligatures are usually available in multiple colors, so you at least have a little say on how it looks.

Ceramic Braces

One of the better options out there is using ceramic braces made of composite materials. They come in varying levels of transparency so you have ceramic brace that can take on the natural color of the teeth or are thoroughly translucent to be called clear ceramic braces and they do not stain. Most adults prefer ceramic braces because they blend in with the color of the teeth and are cosmetically less noticeable than metal.

Help Us Help You Achieve the Smile You've Always Wanted

A lifetime is forever. And that's how long you should be enjoying the perfect smile. All it takes is that first complimentary consultation. Dr. Norris and his staff eagerly await you at his San Antonio office located at 18720 Stone Oak Parkway #207 (Tel: 210-402-3322). Please visit our website at or check out the website at

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Stone Oak Orthodontics has provided expert orthodontic care in the San Antonio TX since 1998. They offer orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults alike. Treatment options include self-ligating Damon Braces and SureSmile braces that reduce treatment time and minimize discomfort during the orthodontic process.

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