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Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Available At Grand Rapids Dentist Office

Drs. Bradley Dykstra and Brian Yared are happy to help you whiten your smile. Professional whitening treatment boasts better results, for that natural and youthful smile!

Drs. Bradley Dykstra and Brian Yared are happy to help you whiten your smile. Professional whitening treatment boasts better results, for that natural and youthful smile!

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI, January 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Did you know that 99.7 percent of adults believe a smile is an important social asset to have? It makes complete sense. A smile can reveal a lot about a person regarding his/her social demeanor. Many people feel self conscious about tooth discoloration, which is why many patients want whiter teeth. For the best results, they consult with a dentist regarding professional whitening. Drs. Bradley Dykstra and Brian Yared, Grand Rapids dentists, offers professional whitening services at Dr. Dykstra's dental practice, Contemporary Family Dental.

"Teeth whitening is one of the easiest treatments to improve a patient's smile. As we age, our teeth have been exposed to food and beverages with staining agents and a high-acidity content. If that's the case, it's not unusual for a patient to notice discolored teeth," explains Dr. Dykstra, Grand Rapids dentist.

Many food and beverages, such as berries and coffee, contain strong staining agents that affect the tooth's surface color. Your daily brushing and flossing can remove staining particles, but if you let them sit on the teeth for too long, the particles can easily stain the enamel. Plus, food and beverages can metabolize acid, causing the enamel to weaken, which allows stains to embed further into the tooth's surface.

To whiten teeth, you shouldn't directly go purchase over-the-counter paste or strips. These whitening products contain a smaller concentration of peroxide-containing bleaching agents, so the results are short-lived and less effective. For the best results, a dentist can provide take home trays, pre-filled trays or in-office power bleaching. Most people aren't quite sure how to apply whitening products, which isn't very safe. A dentist can administer a whitening treatment or instruct you on how to do so. It's a safer route to take. Plus, dentists have access to stronger, more effective whitening solutions.

One of the reasons a dentist wants you to see a professional about whitening is because of tooth sensitivity and your enamel. Before starting a whitening treatment, it's important to understand the condition of your enamel. The enamel may be thin or be developing small cavities. If there are signs of enamel erosion, a dentist can detect that before applying a whitening agent. It's important to take care of underlying problems before continuing a whitening treatment.

To schedule a teeth whitening appointment or other cosmetic procedure, call (616) 726-1271 or submit an appointment request form via Dr. Dykstra's user-friendly dental website at On the website, new patients can access door-to-door directions, staff bios and an array of oral health resources. Get a brighter, healthier smile today with teeth whitening in Grand Rapids! Your Grand Rapids dentist and his dental team look forward to meeting you!

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