All Press Releases for November 17, 2011

#1 Place to Sell Your Gold and Silver in Michigan

With gold at record high prices, Michigan residents are cashing in with ChecknGold Gold & Jewelry Buyers. ChecknGold has 11 metro Detroit Locations to serve the Michigan metro Detroit market.

    FARMINGTON HILLS, MI, November 17, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In times of economic uncertainty, when jobs are scarce and watching the stock market feels more like watching a yo-yo tournament, one commodity has steadily increased in value against the odds: gold. That's right; the gold price has been steadily rising for the last few years, despite fluctuations in almost every other market. For those who have unwanted or unneeded gold and need a quick source of extra cash, finding the right gold buyer is important, and right now the buyer offering the best gold price on cash for gold Michigan is ChecknGold.

Most of us take for granted the value of various items we may find in our homes, but in fact almost anything containing precious metals has cash value, even in this economy. Though there are other buyers in the area, Check n Gold's cash for gold locations not only pay sellers the best price; they are also very convenient with more than 11 locations in the Detroit metro area. Whether the gold is from jewelry, inlaid in furniture, taken from appliances, or old dental gold, it doesn't matter. This gold buyer will pay top dollar for any gold; whether it is scrap or an antique filigree ring.

Why not get the best price for gold? Though other gold buyers' offers may sound tempting, ChecknGold's cash for gold offer will beat them every time. Just ask Jessica, from Farmington Hills, who just sold an 18k bracelet and a 14k class ring for more than $1,100. With gold being valued at over $1780 an ounce, there is no better time to cash in. Other precious metals are soaring in value as well; Dave from Southfield cashed in big, selling a sterling silver flatware set for $3,200.

All gold is in demand - 10k, 14k, and 18k, yellow, white or platinum - and can be worth a lot of extra money. Earrings from an ex, broken necklace chains, outdated broaches, dental gold, silver coins, gold coins and silver flatware are all sources of cash that have been lying around your house growing in value. For the best gold price, ChecknGold has more than 11 cash for gold Michigan locations in the Detroit metro area, waiting to serve you.

Find a Location near you at or give us a call at 800-574-GOLD

ChecknGold is Michigan's #1 gold and jewelry buyer in metro Detroit. Call us at 800-574-Gold or find a location near you at

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