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11 Lessons 2012 Secessionists Offer America

Support for secession is mostly in red states Obama lost, and the petitioners themselves appear to be more a part of a craze than a genuine movement like the Tea Party.

    MILLBORO, VA, February 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Unsatisfied with the 2012 national election result, disgruntled conservative voters from around the country have decided to take extraordinary action and file petitions to secede from the United States of America.

Though support for secession is mostly in red states Obama lost, and the petitioners themselves appear to be more a part of a craze than a genuine movement like the Tea Party, their point is clear: the people creating them fervently believe their power is too small and the government is too big.

"Secession fever is symptomatic of a citizenry fed up with the direction and unresponsiveness of the federal government and its leadership," says P. Matthew Cauley, author of the new book "Unwrecking America: Solving Our Paralyzing Problems Through Grassroots Statesmanship." "The Fed is a giant, money-sucking power machine that represents less and less the people's interests, and as a result people have become desperately frustrated and unhappy."

Mr. Cauley recalls, "The Declaration of Independence declared that whenever any form of government interferes with people's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, it becomes the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government." In his book, he advocates that the citizenry should become more, not less, involved in the political process to effect change.

In his book Mr. Cauley looks at the current cultural, social, and political climate in the US. He explains why overpopulation, food shortages, energy crises, and Americans's increasing dependence on the federal government all threaten to destroy our waning empire and what needs to be done to save the country.

Citizens must advocate for States to reclaim their rights under the Constitution. In theory States would be able to:
* Become more responsive to the needs of their citizens
* Curtail the intrusive, invasive power of the government
* Determine and prioritize their own social agendas
* Pass laws that reflect the beliefs of their citizens
* Create smaller government and less bureaucracy
* Set their own spending limits and stick to their own balanced budgets
* Eliminate deficits and debt
* Empower free markets and free enterprise
* Privatize services once run exclusively by the federal government
* Restore personal liberty, freedom, and choice

"The secession petitions must be seen as a wake-up call for our government," says Mr. Cauley. "It is time to change our dangerous course and wrong-headed policies. While I doubt America will fall apart like the former Soviet Union, I do hope it will heed the lessons inherent in the secessionist cause and return true political power to the people."

P. Matthew Cauley has farmed and worked for the US Department of Agriculture and in international agriculture for many years. He's been a member of local organizations such as the Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Bath County Republican Committee and been president of Singing Earth Produce, Inc. and Alternative Investment Strategies of Virginia, LLC. Currently he lives in rural Virginia with his wife, Linda.


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