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3-Time Off-Road Triathlon World Champ Lesley Paterson Launches Elite Racing Team With A Difference

Team members required to mentor less fortunate athletes.

    SAN DIEGO, CA, June 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For professional triathlete Lesley Paterson, personal pursuit of excellence in the sport has shaped her impassioned view that the swim, bike and run disciplines are not only physical challenges but also unique opportunities to learn about your own psychological and emotional vulnerabilities, and how to overcome them. This has led to three off-road triathlon world championships for Paterson - two XTERRA and one ITU - but now also the formation of her own elite team of athletes that will compete worldwide under the banner of her Braveheart Coaching business she started with her sports psychologist husband, Dr. Simon Marshall.

Unique to Paterson's team will be the requirement that each athlete give back to the sport by mentoring someone less fortunate to get involved in triathlon.

The Braveheart Coaching Elite Team will initially feature eight athletes - made up of first year pros and top age group athletes who will compete worldwide in road and off-road triathlons as well as mountain bike races. In selecting the team, Paterson wanted to find athletes that embraced her approach of getting out of your comfort zone and being able to mentor others to do the same. Paterson believes that it is in those moments that people become physically and mentally stronger which can translate to other areas of their lives.

Says Paterson, "There's a special physical and emotional transformation that happens when we force ourselves to confront our vulnerabilities, our physical limits, and the expectations we put on ourselves. Triathlon is one of the best sports for this. It shouldn't be all about how fast you are. For me, joining the triathlon community and trying your best is at the core of having a 'brave heart.' And once you've been able to do this successfully, you're in a position to help others do it too."

For Paterson and Marshall the Braveheart Coaching Elite Team is not all about winning races.
Says Marshall, "Unlike other Elite Teams, this isn't just about winning races or getting on the podium - this is a team that gets meaning and enjoyment out of the process of trying, discovering, and learning from human limits. It's time to pass that on. From helping beginner exercisers to top pros, redefining what's possible with the body and mind you have NOW is at the heart of confidence, motivation and personal change."

The Braveheart Coaching Elite Team will be based around Paterson's "Be Brave" model, which involves mentoring and giving back. The eight athletes selected for the initial Braveheart Coaching Elite Team are: Tammy Tabeek (San Diego CA), Mauricio Mendez (Mexico City, Mexico), Brent McBurney (Navarre, OH), Brandon Mills (San Diego, CA), Cherell Jordin (Salt Lake City, UT), Billy Allen (Farmingdale, NY), Kyle Hummel (San Diego, CA), and Sian Turner (Truckee, CA).

Says Paterson, "Each Elite Team member will identify one person of their choosing who they feel would benefit from the experience of training and competing in a triathlon. The mentoring will be genuine and authentic, like a big brother/big sister program. It can involve anything, from setting them an exercise schedule, to helping out with equipment, to meeting to work out with them."

That sense of inclusiveness and giving back also extends to team sponsors. The Braveheart Coaching Elite Team sponsors have been loyal supporters of Paterson's own journey and see sponsoring the team as an opportunity to support a broader message - facing your fears and giving back. Team sponsors are Scott Bikes, XTERRA Wetsuits, Tommie Copper for compression clothing, ON for running shoes, ENVE Composites for wheels, Oakley sunglasses, Powertap for power training systems, PowerBar for nutrition, Brand Betty for race clothes, and JWright Design for web design.

About Lesley Paterson & Braveheart Coaching

Lesley Paterson is a Scottish triathlete and triathlon coach who won the XTERRA off-road triathlon world championship in 2011 and 2012, in addition to also winning the ITU Cross triathlon world championship in 2012. She started Braveheart Coaching with her husband, Dr. Simon Marshall, and recently released her first fitness core workout video the "6-minute 6-pack."

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