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4th R Foundation: An Open Letter to The National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research & All Those Involved in Researching American Education Reform

We must and can create a wise society by nurturing the young and healing the old through wisdom education.

It is well known that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom gets ground out over the years. Why not grind it out ASAP?

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, August 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In spite of all the money that America is spending on education & education research we are still falling behind other nations in education. The reason is simple. We have cutting edge education for the mind but not only do we ignore brain education we actually miseducate the brain.

The biggest miseducation of the brain occurs when the majority of our mothers bring up their children on the belief that each one is the best. This results in a trophy self image which creates a life long emotional struggle between the phony self image and the pure self. It creates an emotionally challenged brain that has a rippling effect on all life and all society.

Look at how Tiger Wood's dad raised Tiger. He did not tell Tiger that he is a champion, he made him become a champion. Imagine if Tiger was told again and again that he is a champion even before he started practicing golf. We make our children believe that they are champions, we create a disconnect with reality with a phony over confidence of expectations that leads to an unhappy life. Any wonder that we consume more illegal drugs than anyone else?

The first step we have to take is wake up the whole nation on the folly of bringing up our children on, 'I am the best' belief and start raising them as real champions. President Obama must use the bully pulpit to correct this humongous mistake we make that results in creating an emotionally challenged America. At every level of society we must take steps to undo this emotionally unhealthy upbringing and replace it with emotionally healthy upbringing.

Actually 20% of mothers provide an emotionally healthy upbringing. Any wonder that 20% of students do really well, graduate on time and go on to become healthy & contributing members of society. It is the upbringing that determines student outcomes and shapes society. Just by eradicating the trophy self image and creating pure selves we will improve not just education but also lay the foundations of a wise America. I wonder if anyone has calculated the cost of America being a trophy self image society.

For over 40 years all I have done is research wisdom. Wisdom is still fuzzy because man considers wisdom to be a stand alone entity and so as man keeps putting wisdom under the microscope it is like we put smoke under the microscope in order to study the fire. No wonder wisdom remains fuzzy as we keep researching the symptom when we need to study the main cause.

I can show you the plan I have developed for creating wisdom/brain/EI education after researching human nature, wisdom, difference between brain and mind etc. I have published over 1600 articles on wisdom and wisdom education. Here are a few samples of my articles:,,

I have this whole newer 'Wisdom Industry' that will make America wise and also create happiness and prosperity. Like health clubs we can have 'Brain Power Clubs' where the adults can come to get rid of their trophy self images and become wise. Where mothers can be trained to raise their children as true champions and not as phony overconfident trophy self images. We must create 'Wisdom Hall of Fame' for every school, village, city, nations and even one at the UN. We can create Wisdom Land like Disney Land.

Even our education priorities are emotionally challenged....

The future of education is through educational apps. I have plans to develop apps on wisdom, love, peace, happiness, relationships, relaxation etc. Will you be my partner? Together we can make America a wise society.

There is much more to education reform than just replacing the trophy self image. I have already done much of the ground work but I am just one person with no financial support. If you give me a budget and a team I can create text books for PreK-I2 and beyond.

I will gladly share with you all my work.

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The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional baggage, education for life, art of living and brain education etc.

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