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4th R Foundation: Man Has Misunderstood Wisdom and is Paying the Price For This Ignorance; Wisdom is Acquired Through a Healthy Nurturing of the Brain; Emotional Baggage in the Brain Prevents Wisdom!

Will our education policy leaders even consider our proposal to introduce an extra subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom to all students. Emotionally challenged brains of children must be detected early and made emotional baggage free.

    NEW YORK, NY, June 10, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Religion, science and philosophy all recognized very early in the history of man that wisdom was essential for a safe and successful society. Religion believed that wisdom was from God and so God's Laws were laid down for man to follow. Science concluded that wisdom was possible in three ways:

1) One could be born wise.

It is the wisdom nurturing upbringing that creates wisdom from early life.

2) One could become wise through experience by old age.

Repeated experience of actual reality grinds out the emotional baggage from the brain and so by old age man becomes wise due to the brain becoming free of emotional baggage. We at the 4th R Foundation have developed a therapy that grinds out the emotional baggage much faster; making man wise.

3) One could know the wisdom way and act wisely. So getting man to act wisely became the only way to a safe and successful society.

Philosophy believed in the above three ways also but was not fully satisfied so continued to research wisdom. Unfortunately till today the above three ways of wisdom are the only paths known. Since the time of Aristotle not much has changed. The majority of mankind is considered evil and unwise and so the need for managing and controlling emotionally challenged behavior is still the key to keeping society safe and sustainable.

Governments realizing that only a small section are born wise and as governments cannot wait for it's citizens becoming wise by old age because in the meantime the majority of mankind would damage society through emotionally unwise behavior; they decided to create laws to manage and control the emotionally challenged behavior of it's citizens.

Controlling and managing evil in man has not worked because it is like asking brass to behave like gold and have gold like properties.

For science the science of management became the highest science for controlling the evil in man. (How does managing pure love sound?)

The question is where does this evil come from? Evil stems from emotionally challenged brains and not just crime but also divorce, Wall Street greed, corruption, dependence on drugs, student drop outs, wars and bloated budgets, besting the Jones', even the current economic mess and all other emotionally unwise behavior. The cause of all this mess is the emotional baggage of the brain that causes emotionally challenging behavior.

What religion calls evil, science and philosophy call it emotionally challenged behavior. The real cause of this is not because man is created evil or emotionally deficient it is because the way man is emotionally conditioned from the womb onwards. The correct healthy conditioning creates wisdom and the unhealthy conditioning creates emotionally challenged brains that result in evil/emotionally challenged behaviors.

The solution boils down to; how do we create emotionally healthy brains. We must start by ensuring that new parents know exactly how to provide the best possible brain-conditioning/upbringing to the child from conception and specially from birth onwards, For those who are older and have emotional baggage we have developed a fast track emotional baggage removal therapy - we call it, 'Life Coaching Through Wisdom Therapy'.

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Our new therapy will enable emotionally challenged brains to become super healthy through the mind generated self cleaning up the emotional baggage of the brain. It will be most effective for -1 immature and +1 mature brains. Those with -2 premature brain baggage will need more than our therapy.

When will our education leaders wake up to the fact that wisdom is a function of an emotional baggage free brain. It is the parent's behavior toward their child that determines the wisdom level in the child. Wisdom is acquired through a healthy upbringing. Those with emotional baggage can also be made wise.

The question is will our education policy leaders even consider our proposal to introduce an extra subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom?

The 4th R Foundation which is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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