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4th R foundation: Our President, Sajid Khan Says, "The Time Has Come!

Science and religion both have emotional baggage against each other! The time has come for both to get rid of their baggage and pool their knowledge and work together.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, January 14, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The time has come to translate the knowledge of science into religion and the knowledge of religion into science. The time has come to reinvent science as religion and religion as science. It is time to wake up to know, understand and overcome the fundamental problem facing man. According to religion the fundamental problem is evil; according to science the problem is the emotionally challenged brain, which is caused by the emotional baggage in the brain. Exactly the same harm to society is caused by evil as by the emotional baggage. Thus evil in science terms is the emotional baggage. So the problem for both science and religion is exactly the same - evil/emotional baggage.

Science wants verifiable evidence while religion wants obedience. Science researches and seeks out reality while religion claims to know the truth. The goals for both have been the same, even though they both have taken different paths to make life healthy, happy, secure and rich; by making life free of emotional-baggage/evil.

When it comes to the hard sciences like physics and chemistry, science is the leader; when it comes to the mind sciences religion has the truth. While science has made great strides in the hard sciences, science is still mired in confusion and chaos when it comes to the emotional sciences. Religion has an upper hand in the emotional sciences. Religion knows good and evil better than emotional science. In science terms good is mental health and evil is mental illness. As religion is the leader in good and evil, it means religion also has an edge in mental health and mental illness.

Religion is saying again and again that evil is the problem. Evil boils down to mental illness in science. Illness is terms of emotional man is none other than the emotional baggage that messes up the pure self, resulting in an emotionally challenged brain that generates emotionally challenged behavior. Religion is saying again and again to caste out evil. In science terms religion is saying to cast out the emotional baggage in man.

The problem in religious terms is the evil and the problem in science terms is the emotional baggage. Both are one and the same entity. While religion is clear about what needs to be done science is still confused and fuzzy about what should be done. When the problem of the emotional baggage is severe then science knows that the person is mentally ill and subjects the person to treatment. But science does not realize that that the so called normal man is really sub-normal. In fact 80% of the brains of man are emotionally challenged leading to all this mess in society. If only science and education would wake up to the science of life in our scriptures, we could get rid of most of the fundamental cause of the evil/mental-illness in man.

Science and religion both have emotional baggage! They must wake up to their own baggage. They must both learn the better science/religion from each other. Science must cast aside the emotional baggage against religion and religion must cast out the emotional baggage against science and wake up to the fact that together with their pooled and cross referenced knowledge they can arrive at the reality of science and the truth of religion in exactly the same place. They must become partners and wake up to the fact that they both have the good/health of man as their goal. They have to pool their wealth of knowledge . Science must contribute intelligence knowledge and religion must pool the emotional intelligence knowledge and together they must work as one.

Man is at that crucial time when science and religion must pool their knowledge to create a new science of religion and a new religion of science.

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