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4th R Foundation: Why is Wisdom Selflessness?

Wisdom = pure-self = selflessness = super mature emotional intelligence. In order to create wisdom all that is needed is to make the mind/brain emotionally super mature which means to make the brain clean from all emotional baggage.
    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, September 29, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The human mind/brain works in images; we do not see actual reality; we understand actual reality by perceiving its image. We even perceive our own self in the form of a self image. Living with our own self image day in and day out our knowledge and understanding of our self becomes a more or less fixed self image.

This perception of the self image starts to form right from the fetus stage. The human mind/brain becomes conscious in the womb and it begins to form a perception/image of its own self and even of its world. The fetus experiences love, warmth and security 24-7 over many months and as a result by the time the child is born it percieves its own self as omnipotent.

Post natal life for the child brings hugs, kisses, fresh baths, new tasty treats along with open spaces as opposed to the cramped space in the womb. The child gets so engrossed in the new happier life that it gradually forgets womb life and the feelings of omnipotence begin to go deeper and deeper into the unconscious.

However those children who are neglected and exposed to pain in post natal life do not understand the pain and suffering and as they cannot physically escape the painful upbringing they escape to their earlier life in their minds. They cling to their earlier feelings of omnipotence; just like a deposed king who continues to imagine himself as a king. Thus abused infants develop a very self-centered self image, where they have an over blown sense of self importance. Those who get stuck at this mind/brain stage develop an extremly selfish self image. This is the premature mind level that is quantified with a value of -2.

Those infants who are basically brought up with love but are neglected between the ages of 3 to 6 years grow up with feelings of helplessness and anger. They know they are helpless and dependent but feel that they do not deserve this pain and so they try to get out of being in this plight by hook or by crook. They develop a very selfish self image quantified with a value of -1. This is the immature mind level.

The majority of children in America are embedded with an exaggerated sense of self importance by being repeatedly told that they are the best. This develops an over confident and again a moderately selfish self image with a big ego. This is the mature mind level quantified with a value of +1.

A good chunk of the population is given the correct upbringing that results in the person developing an ego-less and selfless self image. This is the super mature mind level quantified with a value of +2. This is the mind level that has all the attributes of wisdom. Thus super mature emotional intelligence is none other than wisdom.

Thus the extremely selfish, self centered -2 self image is ignorance and is the furthermost from wisdom. The very selfish -1 self image is also far from being wise. The egoist +1 self image is
almost wise while the selfless +2 self image is wisdom. Thus wisdom is selflessness.

There is a separate route by which it is crystal clear that wisdom is selflessness. When wisdom is put under the microscope all one is looking at is the attributes of wisdom. The wisdom experts through out the ages have not been able to find this so called separate and independent entity of wisdom. So wisdom research has remained confusingly frustrating. Not once have the experts stopped to consider that maybe wisdom is a cover word for its attributes or maybe wisdom is hiding in its attributes.

Going further and putting each of the attributes of wisdom under the microscope it is evident that each and every attribute is made up of selflessness. When love is selfless, it is pure love which is wise love. When courage is selfless, it is pure courage which is wise courage. When sacrifice is selfless, it is pure sacrifice which is wise sacrifice. So looking at wisdom we see that all its attributes are made up of selflessness. Thus wisdom is selflessness.

It is clear that wisdom/selflessness is an innate part of the pure self. Thus wisdom is no longer an unknown and undefinable entity. Wisdom is selflessness which is an innate part of the pure self. If defining wisdom is controversial and confusing there is nothing confusing and controversial about the pure self. The pure self is a real physical and emotional entity. The pure self is selflessness/wisdom.

In science terms the pure-self/wisdom/selflessness is super mature emotional intelligence. Thus wisdom = pure-self = selflessness = super mature emotional intelligence. In order to create wisdom all that is needed is to make the mind/brain emotionally super mature which means to make the brain clean from all emotional baggage.

Another route to wisdom is by way of making the self image selfless. This means self image therapy for adults and the correct selflessness creating upbringing for new born, infants and children.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education.

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