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4th R Foundation: Wisdom Exists Only in its Attributes; Where Each Attribute Contains all the Other Attributes of Wisdom. Creating Any One Attribute Will Create the Full Wealth of Attributes of Wisdom

So lets pick out the most solid attribute that one can physically hold in one's hand and see if we can define it and create it. The pure self is the most solid attribute of wisdom, so lets create pure human beings to create a wise society.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, October 03, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To create wisdom all one needs to create is just one of wisdom's attributes. One of the most important attributes is selflessness. In fact each of the other attributes at the highest wisdom level is selflessness. The essence of all the attributes boils down to selflessness. Selflessness is the very real physical ingredient that powers and creates all the other virtues of wisdom. In fact for all practical purposes selflessness at the highest level is love, compassion, sacrifice, tolerance etc. Perhaps it will not be wrong to say that wisdom is an attribute of selflessness.

Also the most physical attribute of wisdom is selflessness. Selflessness is the absence of the Ego. The Ego springs from the self image. The self image is powered by the emotional baggage in the brain. By getting rid of the emotional baggage one gets rid of the self image, leaving the pure self to emerge. By creating the pure self one will create selflessness which contains all the other attributes of wisdom. Thus the route to wisdom education is by way of purifying the self image and creating the pure self.

Creating the pure self scientifically boils down to creating a pure brain. A pure brain is one that is free of all emotional baggage. There are existing therapies that make the sub-normal brains into normal brains; these can be used to make the so-called normal brains into super normal wisdom projecting brains. More specifically we at the 4th R Foundation have created Self Image Therapy that refines the egoist self image into a selfless self image.

In fact in John 1:1 the Bible is clearly saying that God is Wisdom and Wisdom is God. Again the Bible is saying that man is made in the image of God. Thus man too is wisdom; which boils down to wisdom being the pure self. By creating the pure self one will create wisdom.

Just imagine 80% of the human population is living their lives powered by some sort of emotional baggage polluting their pure self. Look at all the chaos in the world; almost all of the man made ills of society are caused by emotionally challenged brains. We must launch a new stimulus package that will rid the world of emotionally challenged behavior and create a wise society. We must create pure brains that will generate wise behavior.

The pure self is a very real physical entity. The pure self can be defined as wisdom. Thus emotional baggage free brain = selflessness = super mature emotional intelligence = pure self = wisdom.

It is very clear that wisdom education is emotional baggage removal brain therapy. Please google: Self Image Therapy. - brainwizard

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When will our education leaders wake up to the fact that wisdom is a function of an emotional baggage free brain. It is the parent's behavior toward their child that determines the wisdom level in the child. Wisdom is integrated through a healthy upbringing. Those with emotional baggage can also be made wise.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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