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5 Main Pieces of Clothing You Will Need to Play Rugby

Playing rugby means you're going to be tugged and pulled around during the game so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, April 26, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If you are thinking about taking up rugby then you'll need to get your hands on some kit and this includes protective gear as well as the essential gear like rugby shirts, shorts, boots and socks. You need to make sure you get hold of midrange to good quality clothing because it needs to be hard wearing in this hard hitting contact game. Playing rugby means you're going to be tugged and pulled around during the game and you will want your shirt and shorts to stand up to these tackles.

Boots are an all important part of your rugby kit. You'll have to sort out some studs too, making sure you get the right ones. You can check with your rugby coach as to which studs are legal and acceptable to wear for matches or practice sessions. Another part of your kit should be a mouth guard and make sure it's one that's designed for the game. This will give you a lot of mouth protection as well as help to reduce the risk of injury to your jaw.

If you're planning to play competitively, then you might want to consider buying a rugby helmet which will give you added protection for your head during a scrum. There's a lot of ways to get injured in the game, so invest in some knee high socks and maybe some shin protectors, but make sure these are really flexible and that they don't have any metal bits in them, as metal is not allowed in any way shape or form on the field besides on boots in the form of approved studs.

Fingerless gloves are a good part of your rugby kit too as these can help grip the ball in wetter conditions, which it often is. Some players also like to wear headbands as this prevents sweat from getting into their eyes during a game. Wrist bands are good but you have to make sure these are tight fitting as they could give an opponent something else to grab you by if they are too loose fitting. However, make sure you don't cut off circulation to your hands by having them too tight.

Although not an essential part of your rugby kit, a jockstrap could be useful. However, a lot of players opt not to wear one during games. A lot of amateur rugby players like to wear light soccer type boots with moulded studs during practice sessions, so an extra pair of boots could be a good idea to have in your kit.

Once you've sorted out some rugby boots, shorts, shirts and knee high socks which are the main things you'll need in your kit, the rest is really a matter of choice. I would recommend a mouth guard as an essential part of the kit too though as you do need the mouth protection it offers you, whether during a practice session or a match. A helmet is always a good idea especially if you are planning to take part in scrums which can be pretty aggressive. A helmet will give you the added protection you need and you are bound to get a few bumps in any rucks or scrums during the game. Once you've got the essential kit together, then you'll soon see what else you might need or want to have as part of your rugby kit.

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