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5000 Year Old Doomsday Calendar Finishes in 30 Days

Is Hurricane Sandy, the forecoming USA Fiscal Cliff meltdown crisis and doomsday preppers related to the End of Times Mayan 2012 calendar?

    QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, November 16, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The last 6 months we have seen turbulent times on our planet Earth.

Is the Mayan calendar myth turning into reality?

How were the ancient ones so accurate in their predictions of the future and why did the Catholic Spanish monks destroy most of the Mayan records? Were they trying to hide the truth from us?

The Catholic view of Armageddon did not agree with the Mayan prophecies.

After extensive research Wayne Sedawie has come to the conclusion that the Mayan doomsday is once again a western conspiracy of myths and theories.

Such myths includes the Crystal skulls and Indiana Jones style fantasies.

Not only has the western theorists hood winked the facts but so many myths are intertwined with Aztec civilisation that are a hundred years apart.

The pieces of the Mayan puzzle has finally been researched in a blog style article over several years and is now accessible on ... tal-skulls

The final comment made by a Mayan elder "Tell everyone not to worry so, as it is only a new beginning!"

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