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500PerMeal Launches TAB IT, A Groundbreaking Debt Calculating App

TAB IT is an innovative new app that allows the user to track, verify beyond doubts and trade debts owed or owed to the user.

    HONG KONG, April 26, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- 500PERMEAL Limited announced today the release of a new mobile app for both iOS and Android designed to allow users to track and verify debts via mobile interface. TAB IT [iOS productivity, FREE promo price; Google Play productivity, FREE promo price] (patent pending) is the innovative app that can be used to track any IOU you have without having to take your wallet out and split the bill to find out what you owe (or is owed to you). The app, conceived and developed in Hong Kong by 500PERMEAL's team, is poised to change the world of mobile debt tracking.

TAB IT allows users to confirm or deny debts sent to them via in-app messaging, thusly certifying each debt as accurate and legitimate. Further, TAB IT allows users to "sell" debts owed them to other users in order to settle debts between parties. Users can add additional incentives to "sweeten" the debt sale. For example: If Party A agrees that he/she owes Party B $10, Party B can then trade Party A's $10 debt to Party C to pay off a debt between Party B and Party C.

This innovative, social debt calculating app makes keeping track of what you owe and what is owed to you easy, mobile and fun! It's a great way to keep track of all those little debts within a social circle that adds up to hundreds of lost dollars every year without having to keep track of paper receipts or debate back and forth with your friends who paid for what, when. It's also a great tool to help teach teenagers and young adults how credit and debt works and to help them become responsible spenders as they enter the financial world.

Watch a video of how TAB IT works:

TAB IT allows users to:
- Interact with an easy to use, clean looking user interface
- Add notes and photos of receipts to your TAB IT tabs
- Connect to Facebook and share TAB IT with friends
- Invite friends to TAB IT
- Use TAB IT to teach teenagers and young adults how credit and debt works
- Send and receive "tabs" from anyone via data services built into the app
- Accept or reject "tabs"
- Choose amongst different world currencies when setting up their account (not just for the US!)
- Use the MULTI TAB function to easily split checks amongst many parties
- See where your money is going and who owes you the most via user log histories
- Sell credit between users

All transactions are kept in individual, itemized log histories so you can see exactly where you stand financially, speaking with your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else using TAB IT.

iOS App Store:
Google Play:


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