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6 Tips on Staying Warm this Winter

As winter bites, it's important to keep warm and healthy this winter. From installing insulation and double glazed units to baking a cake, West Yorkshire based double glazing company Elmhurst Windows shares their top six tips to keep the heat in.

    LEEDS, ENGLAND, December 12, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As temperatures plummet to sub-zero and the cold winter weather bites, it is more important than ever to stay warm at home. Here are six top tips on staying warm this winter, from Elmhurst Windows:

(1) Insulation
Installing loft insulation and wall insulation (both cavity and injection types are available) can make a huge difference in helping you to stay warm at home. It takes less fuel to keep a well insulated home warm so by fully insulating your home you could also save over GBP100 on your annual heating bills.

(2) Install Double Glazing
Installing double glazing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the heat inside your house from escaping outside. Double glazed units have a layer of air between the two panes of glass, which acts as barrier to heat loss by trapping the heat and preventing it from being conducted outside. Double glazing works in the same way as warm clothes do to protect your body from heat loss by forming a protective barrier.

(3) Eat Hot Meals
In freezing weather, it is very important to not only provide your body with adequate nutrition and calories to stay healthy, but also to eat hot food to raise your core body temperature. It is recommended that everyone should eat at least one hot meal per day in the winter.

(4) Bake a Cake
Not only will the additional calories from baked goods help your body to stay warm and insulated, baking cakes will keep you busy and the heat from the oven will warm your home.

(5) Wear an Extra Jumper
Layering your clothes is the best way to keep your body warm, and works much more effectively than simply wearing a single thick, heavy item. Heat that would have escaped from your body is kept trapped between the layers of clothes and forms a protective layer against heat loss.

(6) Warm the Bed
Using and electric blanket or hot water bottle will keep you warm in bed, where your body naturally slows and cools down and you are more susceptible to the cold. Stay cosy and put an extra blanket on the bed too. Better still, find someone to cuddle up to as well!

If you are interested in installing double glazing, West Yorkshire based doubled glazed units supplier and installation company, Elmhurst Windows can help. This family-run company have been helping families stay warm in winter by installing double glazing in West Yorkshire for over 40 years. Find out more on the website:

For more information, contact Elmhurst Windows on 0800 515 850 or 0113 264 4505 or visit the website at

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