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A Call to All Amateur Journalists Globally to be a Part of

Before a shining and prosperous career an amateur journalist has to face a lot of difficulties in finding a right place to write where can get good responses about their articles. We provide this chance in a popular internet newspaper for amateurs.

"Journalism is a guardian that never sleeps and protects the freedom of the people" - Winston Churchill.

    NEW YORK, NY, December 26, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience for different purposes. As the role of journalism is to act as a mediator or translator between public and policy making elites, Journalists are middleman. Daily News Entertainment Network plays this role to the fullest by transforming amateur journalists to all round mediators. Journalists have many roles to play commonly as investigators, moderators, entertainers, analysts, informers, editors, commentators, and advertisers.

The leading news portal Daily News Entertainment Network trains its budding journalists to fulfill all these roles with great efficiency and become community activists, agenda-setters, and voices for the voiceless. With their on-the-job practice they also guide their journalists to serve the nation as public servants, keepers of public records, protectors of democracy, and promoters of public dialogue.

The main principles of journalism are Accuracy, Balance and Credibility. Therefore, one important responsibility of a journalist is to maintain these principles in their reporting. keeps a strict check on their journalists so that they provide accurate, balanced and credible information to the public.

Journalism practice and principles includes

- Accuracy and Standards for Factual reporting
- Slander and libel considerations
- Harm limitation principle and
- Presentation understands the importance of Journalism and provides trustworthy information to the public. Since people have the right to opinion and expression, it will not be real without information from the press, as people now greatly depend on the press for being informed. Being a reputed online news portal, they also play the role of a watch dog for society and keep eyes on the most important issues facing us today.

The entitlement of journalism as 'fourth state' is itself of great importance. Daily News Entertainment Network, with its team of experienced and amateur journalists, plays a crucial role in creating awareness among the public about the current happenings.

Before a shining and prosperous career an amateur journalist has to face a lot of difficulties in finding a right place to write where he /she can get good responses about their articles or reports. Many companies don't encourage new and fresh writers but prefer experienced writers and reporters.

Daily News Entertainment Network a top online news portal is taking an initiative to invite any amateur journalists to write for their news portal so that they excel and get recognized in their field of writing in this tough and challenging world. They are offering budding writers a platform to fresh talent to gain real world experience by writing for their portal.

Daily News Entertainment Network believes that if one can start of as an amateur journalism expert, then he or she can climb the ladder quickly and become an expert journalist he or she has is aspiring to become. Although it is too soon to tell how people will respond to this step by website, they say that they will try to get every fresh and amateur journalism aspirant a job in the field of journalism.

Journalism plays an important role to bring change and prosperity of human life because journalism provides a special need of human being in their lives e.g. information, entertainment, education, health awareness etc. Therefore, our website gives people more opportunities in today's complicated world by keeping them up to date with the current happenings and events.

"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspaper without the government, I shall not hesitate a moment to prefer the later."- Jefferson.

A career in journalism is seen as a very glamorous choice with extensive travelling and an opportunity to meet famous people. This attracts many youngsters to pursue his/her career in this dynamic field.

Journalist education requirements are different depending on being a broadcast journalist or a print journalist. A career in journalism requires a lot of practice. A journalist needs to practice, practice and practice. Summer jobs and internships with newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news organizations offer many budding journalists their first big break. In this extremely competitive field is one among the many online news portals that is taking an initiative to offer many new journalists an opportunity to showcase their skill and talent. Here, at our news portal, besides building education and experience, aspiring journalists also get an opportunity to increase their probability of a brighter future in journalism.

Being a journalist might seem easy but it involves a lot of hard work and patience. Apart from the glamorous side of this career, there are day to day challenges that a journalist needs to face. Every day brings in a new challenge for a journalist from interviewing a snobbish star to covering a blast or accident site. Daily News Entertainment Network professionally trains all their budding reporters to face their everyday challenges boldly with great practice.

An important trait of a journalist is his/her ability to stay curious and polishes this skill of their amateur journalists while on the job so that they have the capability to reach out to people, make them feel comfortable and engage them with their presence and compelling personality.

The life of a journalist is both challenging and interesting, depending on how one sees it. More importantly, it is one of the most socially relevant jobs in the world where one can play a part in shaping public opinion and changing things around.

An amateur journalist is one who is just out in the real world to gain experience and wet his feet in the real hardships of his career and amateur journalism is a place where these young and enthusiastic news reporters can flourish and polish their skills. They are the fresh faces of the new age journalists and plans to fulfill their wish to change the world with their raw skills and fearless ideas by offering them an open invitation to work with their experienced organization.

The marketing head of Dailynewsen commented, "We have strong and soaring expectation that we will be able to make a distinction in the field of journalism by providing an opportunity to amateur journalists. Every zone needs young and fresh pair of legs, and that is what we are ensuring."

Daily News Entertainment Network is a New York based leading and reputed online daily news portal. The company aims at providing breaking news on events related to business, education, entertainment, health, style, politics, science and technology for its online readers. This site also features all news related to New York. Complete information about the company can be found on Amateur journalist who would like to become a part of Daily News Entertainment Network can contact us online.

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