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A Guide to Esthetic Services with Vein Treatment Center Medicus Veincare Specialists

There are a number of services available to help you obtain beautiful, healthy-looking and radiant skin. To help you find the option that is right for you, the experts from Medicus Veincare share some of their most popular aesthetic treatments.

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, April 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Wrinkles are caused by the skin becoming thinner as you age, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and chronic or excessive sun exposure can cause the look of wrinkles to become exaggerated. However, while wearing broad spectrum sunscreen and quitting (or never starting) smoking will help avoid exacerbation of wrinkles, they are unfortunately an unavoidable part of aging, and no one can escape them altogether.

The good news is that help is available. There are a number of treatments aimed at reducing the look of wrinkles, and the experts from Medicus Veincare discuss some of the most popular esthetic services currently available.


Most people have heard of BOTOX, which is a very popular and highly effective cosmetic treatment. BOTOX works by temporarily (three to four months) blocking nerve impulses to the muscles it is injected into, thereby reducing the muscle activity and resulting in a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance of the skin. XEOMIN is a very similar product with effects comparable to those of BOTOX.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Prevelle Silk along with calcium hydroxylapatite fillers such as Radiesse are becoming increasingly popular. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin and soft connective tissues while calcium hydroxylapatite is made of the minerals that give bone its strength and texture.

Injection of these dermal fillers results in a cushioning effect and enhanced support of facial structures that have lost elasticity or where the skin has thinned. This results in plump, smooth and healthy-looking skin. These can last anywhere between three months to longer than a year.

"Because hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body, the risk of unwanted reactions or side effects is very low," explains Dr. Steven Tidwell from Medicus Veincare. "This, together with the fact that dermal fillers are very effective and generally quite long-lasting, is likely why they have become so popular lately."

Of course, wrinkles aren't the only unwanted sign of aging. Age spots and other blemishes, such as spider veins, are other common complaints, and these can be easily treated by intense pulse light, spider vein laser treatments or Veinwave, a spider vein treatment based on microwave energy.

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About Medicus Veincare:

Medicus Veincare is an established medical practice in Jupiter, Fla., that offers cutting-edge endovascular vein treatments and esthetic services. The knowledgeable specialists at Medicus Veincare provide a comprehensive approach to patient wellness by using their unique expertise to diagnose and treat even the most difficult vein conditions. Their goal is to find long-term solutions for every patient with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

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