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Adrianna Freeman, Rising Country Music Star, Signs Record Deal with Musik and Film. Alabama's, Teddy Gentry says, "The Passion in Adrianna's Voice Reminds Me of Tammy Wynette"

Musik and Film Inc, one of the leading Indie labels in the world, is proud to announce the exclusive signing of Adrianna Freeman to Musik and Film Records and Musik Radio Promotions.

    PONTE VEDRA, FL, September 16, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Musik and Film Inc, one of the leading Indie labels in the world, is proud to announce the exclusive signing of Adrianna Freeman to Musik and Film Records and Musik Radio Promotions.

"The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom" -Maya Angelou

In the heart of every great country singer is a strain. A lulling, low, deep earth rooted lullaby unique to that artist. This song cannot be mistaken for any other song or tune or genre, it is a Country song. From the country soil it was born and bred in the dust it rose through. A Country singer is not made, manufactured, or conceived. A Country singer is born and in her heart is born a song. A Country song.

Adrianna Freeman is a Country singer. Reared in the South on a plantation property passed down through her family's three generations of farmers. Adrianna began sharing her song when she was just a little girl. All dolled up in her yellow dress, with matching ribbons in her hair and her best Sunday shoes she would sing on the back of her daddy's flatbed truck at the local farmers markets where the family sold their latest crops. Her Grandfather and her father planted the love of Country music in her heart before she was born. Both men aspired to sing and both men had to choose family and farm over musical dreams.

As a teen, Adrianna worked overseas with the missionary organization Teen Mania. It was there that she realized the healing and joy her voice could bring to others. Inspired and determined she set out to make music in the big world of Nashville. The realities of the music industry are a harsh reckoning to even the most seasoned and accomplished professional. For Adrianna hearing," No, you're not right for Country Music." "Country audiences won't buy a black female Country album." "There's no way we can put money behind an artist with unproven 'marketing strategy'", were all not so gentle and not all together subtle ways of saying, "We just won't present an African American woman as a Country music singer."

With the tenacity and drive that only a true country heart can propel, Adrianna's song would not be caged. After endless rejections, a first victory came through, winning the attention of Teddy Gentry of the super-group "ALABAMA". In 2007, Teddy generously offered his talents as producer to Adrianna's project. "The passion in Adrianna's voice reminds me of Tammy Wynette, one of my favorite female singers in all of Country music." Gentry remarked upon hearing Adrianna the first time. "She had a lot of drive and energy and the tenacity to hang in through the difficult times. Adrianna impressed me as one of the young acts out there that had the desire to pay the price it costs to be successful." In May of 2009, Adrianna was hand-picked by Mr. Gentry to be one of twelve artists for his "Teddy Gentry's Best New Nashville", a project sponsored by Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores.

Finally in the summer of 2012, Adrianna met with Stephen Wrench, President of Musik and Film. Stephen was blown away by Adrianna's voice. He recalls, "It gave me chills. Adrianna brought to my attention that there has never been a black female country artist. I seriously questioned why? Country music is country music. it only matters that when a listener hears your music does it move them? Adrianna has moved me and I know she will move anyone who hears her".

Her Debut album, Either You Do or You Don't has been released through Musik and Film Records. The single, "Will Not Be Your Tennessee" was released to radio September 4th and is gaining traction fast! "Adrianna has received a great deal of attention from radio; especially in the UK, Europe and Australia. Hundreds of stations have added her to their playlist", states Rhonda Wrench, Director of Distribution for Musik and Film.

Adrianna Freeman's music speaks for itself. Her music makes it easy for Musik and Film to try and break her as the first female African American Country artist. With her soft Southern lilt, clear crystalline tone and sunny sweet delivery, Adrianna Freeman stands on the edge of the gilded cage, the door is open and she's ready to fly!

Adrianna reflected that, "Ten and a half years ago my family and I embarked on a journey that has transcended across three generations. Before I was even thought of, my grandfather, Walter Freeman, dreamed about becoming a Country Music singer, and he passed his dream down to my father, Ed Freeman. My father passed the dream down to me, and I have been dreaming ever since".

It's time for Adrianna's dream to come true!

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