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Agilix xLi Platform Embraces AngularJS by Google, Providing Big Wins for Developers

"xLi-ng" and AngularJS together provide a framework that enables software developers to focus on business logic and unique value, instead of plumbing and boilerplate code

Together, xLi-ng and AngularJS, provide a framework that enables software developers to spend their time focusing on business logic and unique value.

    OREM, UT, April 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Agilix Labs, Inc. is extending its xLi Platform offering with xLi-ng--a new JavaScript component library based on Google's AngularJS, the "Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework" (see

AngularJS is quickly becoming the de facto standard in building large scale, single page web applications (SPAs), with Google search trending reports showing interest in AngularJS has nearly doubled, worldwide, in the past six months. Leveraging AngularJS, the xLi-ng component and JavaScript library extends the Agilix xLi Platform with a domain-specific framework for building web and cloud-based educational learning and assessment applications. Because of the "loosely coupled" nature of AngularJS, xLi-ng components can be used with great versatility as small portions of an existing web application built on other web technologies, or as part of applications built entirely on AngularJS.

Together, xLi-ng and AngularJS, provide a framework that enables software developers to spend their time focusing on business logic and unique value, instead of writing plumbing and boiler plate code that adds no real advantage over competing products and solutions. Leveraging a software design pattern known as dependency injection, the AngularJS-based xLi-ng components--and derivative products built using the xLi-ng component library--can be tested more easily, and more comprehensively, increasing reliability and stability of the final software product. Additionally, because AngularJS and xLi-ng extend HTML (a human-readable, interpreted-rather-than-compiled declarative mark-up language for creating user interfaces), the application design and development process allows for more open exchange and tightly integrated workflow between developers and designers. Perhaps the biggest benefit to both individual software developers and, in turn, to product development teams and their parent companies, is that with xLi-ng it becomes possible to develop software products in much less time, with many fewer lines of code, as compared to developing on other JavaScript-based frameworks.

ABOUT Agilix xLi Platform
Agilix xLi is a multi-tiered, cloud-hosted platform that provides the foundation for next generation learning solutions. At the ground layer is a scalable foundation of cloud-based file and database storage, as well as full-text indexing and searching. The Agilix xLi web service APIs that sit on top of this layer provide access to create, read, edit, and delete objects and entities that make up the fundamental constructs of learning applications--e.g., users, courses, enrollments, rights and roles, state standards, learning objectives, instructional content, assignments, assessments, grades, progress tracking, badges, self-assessment, teacher resources, digital libraries, subscriptions, etc. The Agilix xLi platform also provides domain-based management for schools or districts, and for larger organizations led by district consortiums, state-wide directives, and cross-state collaborative initiatives.

ABOUT Agilix
Agilix enables partner organizations to deliver educational solutions better, faster, and cheaper, by providing both technology and services for rapid design and development. The Agilix Extensible Learning Infrastructure (xLiTM) and associated products--including BrainHoneyTM, a customizable LMS; BuzzTM, a student-centered, personalized learning solution; and HoneyCombTM, providing course choice and registration for state-wide programs--power solutions for millions of learners across 60 countries. Agilix is a rapidly-growing company with significant expansion plans for the future.

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