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Alkaline Diet: The New Diet to Lose Weight Naturally and Stay Healthy officially launched in March 2012 advocates alkaline diet to lose weight naturally and stay healthy.

    WILMINGTON, DE, March 15, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The human body is slightly alkaline. Alkaline diet is an ally of the body to help keep the body in its optimum health.

With alkaline diet, the body can easily flush out toxins and waste products. Harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi won't easily thrive. In other words, the body can heal on its own with nothing but alkaline diet.

Consuming an acidic diet on the other hand militates against the natural design of the body. The acidity weighs the body down from trying to function optimally. Obesity, heart disease, and cancer are three common effects of accumulated acids in the body.

Linda Churchill, a mom of two, grew up eating meat and loving it. She saw no harm with it since the school and the media advertises it. She was steadily gaining weight over the years and she considered it a natural occurrence. She thought it was because she had had two children.

Besides, she sees the gaining-weight phenomenon almost with everyone she knows. Wheezing at the slightest physical activity made her visit her doctor. Her doctor advised her to lose some weight. "How do I lose weight without losing my cash savings? was the first question I asked myself," she shared.

"Money is a big issue when you have growing kids," Ms. Churchill added. Fortunately, her doctor introduced her to the concept of alkaline diet.

Since it does not involve spending extra, she gave it a go. The noticeable changes after just 2 weeks of following the alkaline diet came as a pleasant surprise to Ms. Churchill.

Now, she's implementing it to her two kids too who coincidentally began performing better in their school after following the alkaline diet.

Dr. Jason Park, a respected physician, explains this as a natural phenomenon of the body. "Following an alkaline diet is simply being kind to your body. You provide the food that is preferred by the body," Dr. Park explained.

"When a body is already provided with alkaline foods, it doesn't have to work so hard in maintaining the slightly alkaline ideal pH of the blood. In other words, the body can work on other things like flushing out toxins and repairing tissues. The sad thing is, alkaline diet is not known to everyone."

With this information deficiency, is officially launched March 2012 as the Alkaline Diet Advocacy Month.

A 6-part alkaline diet newsletter that will help you ease into Alkaline diet will be given for free. Secrets to great health, deadly foods that one must stay away from, and natural catalyst that helps shed weight are just three of the many information that will be revealed in this free newsletter.

In this 6 Parts Newsletter, also hopes to dispel the myths that alkaline diet is all about eating alkaline foods.

For more information, simply visit is a newly launched website that teaches readers and visitors on how to lose weight naturally and stay healthy with alkaline diet.

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