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American Secret Agent Known Only to U.S. President Discovered, 'The President's General, 505' - Mission: Remove the Iranian Prime Minister!

UBC announces release of new novel by Manny Segarra: The President's General, 505 A crude affair ISBN: 9780578096278 Library of Congress Control: 2011939467, 'It's confirmed that Trump, Obama, and several former Presidents have it in their libraries'

    CHICAGO, IL, April 17, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Covert American secret agent known only to the U.S. President discovered!

'The President's General, Agent 505'

Universal Business Company is proud to announce a new novel by Manny Segarra:

The President's General, 505: A crude affair

ISBN: 9780578096278

Library of Congress Control number: 2011939467, released February 2012.

Reviewer says: "It's confirmed that Donald Trump, President Obama, and several former Presidents have 'The President's General, 505 A crude affair', in their libraries."

"While the position does not lend itself well to on-the-job training, 'The President's General,' constitutes an appropriate manual concerning clandestine foreign policy."

Former U.S. Special Forces member Manny Segarra, combines action, sex and money in this new thriller. 'Mess with the best, die like the rest,' is the Special Forces motto.

Forbidden to disclose specifics related to the 'Green Berets,' Segarra has put together a dynamite package for his readers, it's unlike anything you've read before. 'The President's General, 505 A crude affair,' will stimulate your emotions.

In America, there is an anonymous secret agent, an invisible man, a ghost, a covert operative so powerful, that only the President of the United States knows of his existence:
The President's General.

Commissioned to address and resolve foreign and domestic matters, deal with unstable governments, communism, wars, and world threats, The Commander In Chief has created the position of The President's General.

With unlimited power, the full resource of the United States and a license to kill, the President has appointed Special Forces Operative Colonel Gregg Kurtz, as the President's General, code name 505.

"Whatever methods used to handle a mission, cannot lead back to you or me unless we specifically want a trail leading back to my administration. Nothing should ever lead back to you; your actions should be like the invisible man, leaving no trace of your involvement, the CIA can take credit for any of your activities or anyone else for that matter, just remember, you're a phantom, a shadow, no one knows what you do."

"Your mission is to remove the Iranian Prime Minister, and replace him with..."

"Use any means necessary including force to achieve your objective. You need not share the details or particulars with me, nor consult your approach to the problem, just achieve the objective."

Throughout the hardcover, 446-page book, the story will captivate any audience.

The President's General, 505: A crude affair is bound to please!

Adventure, money, sex; suspense from start to finish, keeps the reader-turning page after page, difficult to put down once started.

About the author:

An Illinois resident, Manny Segarra is a native of New York and of Spanish Ancestry. Segarra, formerly a member of the U.S. Special Forces (Airborne), Private Investigator and founder of several small businesses, is an avid student, holds various degrees, is an alumnus of the Interamerican University, and at times can be found scuba diving, parachuting or riding his motorcycle in California, Vieques, Florida, Catalunya, Valencia, and Panama or cruising onboard the MV Freewinds.
'De oppresso liber.'

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Manny Segarra's new novel, 'The President's General, 505: A crude affair'.

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