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An Award-Winning Indie Drama, The Fair, Starring Army Wives' Brigid Brannagh Finally Sees Release on iTunes Movies

Following several years in the making - and a war of its own - The Fair is on the iTunes Indie Drama bestseller list.

When you make a true independent, one with an insignificant budget, there are massive mountains to climb, even when it's completed.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Getting to the point where a true independent movie gets released is hard work. The Fair, which ended up on the iTunes Indie Drama bestseller list immediately after its release on February 17th, is a testament to that. "It took years to get released," says writer/director and producer Sarah McAnally about her project. "When you make a true independent, one with an insignificant budget, there are massive mountains to climb, even when it's completed." One obstacle was the Screen Actor's Guild, which McAnally owed money because of a deferred salary contract she signed with the actors. "Until that was paid, I couldn't legally release the film," she explains. "Getting advances from distributors is non-existent nowadays. My hands were tied."

McAnally has many stories to share with other independent filmmakers about the difficulties making the film in her soon to be released book "If I Knew Someone, I'd Call Em," including the production's grip truck catching fire on the freeway, destroying most of their equipment, but ultimately not stopping the day's shoot. But a day like that was routine. There were forest fires, being kicked off locations, and shooting up to nine pages a day. "It's survival - it's your war - it's simply what independent filmmaking is about." After making a deal with the Screen Actor's Guild, she can finally conclude, "I'm proud of this film; I'm proud that when you see it, the story you follow is what is up on screen, not behind it."

The Fair is a story of a young woman, who in the process of going after her dream of singing, is led to change her relationship with her father through the wisdom of her quirky elderly roommate. Following her to this new life are memories of her tragic past, her crippling stage fright, and deceptive relationships. It is finally through the wisdom and friendship of the old man that she learns she needs to return home and confront her unsupportive father and somehow come to peace with that relationship, because if she doesn't, she'll never escape the cycle she's created for herself.

Along with Brigid Brannagh, the independent film also stars Raphael Sbarge from ABC's "Once Upon a Time," Neil Vipond, Barry Cullison, Terri Apple and Zach Ward. It is co-produced by comedian Carl LaBove. The Fair has screened at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival, and the Oxford International Festival of Films in England and has won awards at Worldfest Houston International Film Festival and the New York International Film Festival.

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