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An Open Letter to David Stern, Commissioner of The NBA, From H. Lewis Smith, President, United Voices For a Common Cause, Inc.

There is irony in television commercial campaigns that use black NBA players to discourage use of derogatory slurs towards the gay/lesbian community, yet deaf ears are turned towards use of the n-word.

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA, January 02, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dear Mr. Stern:

I write you this letter as the president of the United Voices for A Common Cause, Inc. We are dedicated to protecting the civil rights and dignity for all people. It concerns me that n-word usage by the Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett and other NBA players has taken place during the course of NBA games without any apparent serious consequences. The fact that these players are African Americans should not matter. If a black or white dog bites, it hurts a child regardless of its color or breed. As with use of the n-word, each time the term is used by anyone, regardless of their color, it insults [self-respecting] African Americans and adversely affects the community. To remedy this situation, we are asking that strict rules and fines be implemented and enforced each time an NBA player uses the n-word.

I am aware of the many contributions made by Kevin Garnett and other NBA players to children's programs around the country in general; however, their magnanimous contributions are nullified by their unconscionable willingness to invoke use of the abominable n-word. NBA teams need to be reminded that children are fans of the sport as well and are easily influenced by the demeanor of these players whom many view as role models.

We are definitely concerned with the negative impact that n-word usage has on all children. There is irony in television commercial campaigns that use black NBA players to discourage use of derogatory slurs towards the gay/lesbian community, yet deaf ears are turned towards use of the n-word. Just a couple of years ago, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was fined $100,000 for using the f-word; to eliminate any practice of double standards and promote respect for all people, Kevin Garnett and any other player who uses the pejorative n-word term should be fined as the term is an insult to a race of people.

When we see people throw the rocks of n-word usage into the crowds and those reckless rocks hit innocent children, we cannot stand by quietly and tolerate this. When we see the bosses of n-word users do nothing, we wonder how people in such dignified positions could allow this type of indignity to flow from their organization. No athlete or celebrity has the right to disrespect children or any given community in general. Slander against children and contributing to the delinquency of minors are wrong. Respondeat superior exists when bosses appear to consent to such conduct by saying nothing to seriously deal with the problem.

If we are unable to come to agreement on this matter, we intend to rally little children and parents to write letters and march in protest to clearly convey the message and seriousness of this crime against humanity. Many parents and children are hurt, disrespected and insulted by n-word usage. Perhaps individuals like Kevin Garnett may want to fight for the right to disrespect little children, but we hope that you do not agree. We request that you respond to this letter by January 20, 2013 and offer a solution. This letter will be shared publicly and so will your response. We feel that you care and we look forward to your response. We, same as others, love our community, love and respect all children. Together we can be a part of a solution.


H. Lewis Smith
United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc.

The United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., (UVCC) was founded in April of 2006 by Mr. H. Lewis Smith. UVCC, a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was formed for the express purpose of connecting socially-conscious community members with a mutual interest to fight for a common, progressive cause.


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