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An Open Letter to President Obama and His Education and Brain Initiative Team. Brain Education is Critically Urgent and Absolutely Essential; it is an Emergency That Requires Immediate Action

The education system and the society at large is a mess because emotionally challenged brains enter the classroom and instead of addressing this problem we make it worse for the emotionally challenged students by branding them as failures...

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, April 13, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dear President Obama:

It is about time that our education experts realize why the most important human factor is the mind factor and that we now have enough knowledge of what the mind is. Did you know that there is no topic mind in High School psychology text books? The mind is the pure self, the 'I' of each and every human being. The face of the mind is what each person takes his own self to be. The mind is the self image. By improving the self image one improves the mind. By making the self image pure we make the mind pure. A pure mind/self-image is projected by the pure brain. The purity of the mind springs from the purity of the brain. A pure brain is a brain that has no emotional baggage.

In the majority of mankind the self image is a compound or mixture of the brain projected self image, the mind projected self image and the pure self. It is the brain that determines the quality of the mind/self image/pure self. Yet we have no subject that determines/educates the purity of the brain. From crime which causes over a trillion dollar loss to society, to Wall Street greed, drug addiction to divorce, from corruption to bankruptcies and all the other man made ills of society are caused by emotionally challenged behavior; which is a direct result of our failed education system that teaches the mind while ignoring and miseducating the brain.

About 20% of the parents provide the correct upbringing which is early brain education that results in 20% wise human beings. Any wonder why only 20% students graduate in four years? The rest take more time because their brain education is messed up. The majority of parents are responsible and loving but even they miseducate the brain of their children by creating a phony over confident self-image/mind by instilling a 'I am the best' belief in the children. As a result creating a rippling defect on all life - an emotionally challenged brain. A phony over confidence that results in the student studying less and feeling that he has studied enough. His over confidence in all his activity/ability resulting in putting in less effort and expecting more. From unhappiness to divorce, from greed to jealousy and all else in between gets determined by the emotional baggage of the false belief of being the best. You need to use the bully pulpit to expose this dangerous tradition of creating phony over confidence in our children.

We need to teach the new parents wise upbringing/brain-education. Next we need to train teachers to detect the emotionally challenged brains of pre-K-12 and beyond students so that the emotional baggage can be taken out; leaving the student's brain super mature, free of all emotional baggage. For older citizens we must create wisdom seminars.

You have repeatedly said that your doors are open for fresh ideas. Well I need to see you take action on my brain/wisdom/selflessness/emotional-intelligence education plan. Either prove me wrong or take action.

On closer examination it is clear that your neuroscience initiative though a giant step in the right direction still lacks the right priorities.

Your neuroscience initiative is to figure out how the brain works in order to find the cure for the various physical brain diseases. It seems the major thrust of the research will be on what makes the brain physically healthy and what makes it physically sick. Alzheimer and Parkinson start after the age of sixty, perhaps it is part of aging of the brain or not; though there are some physical brain illnesses which start from childhood that also need immediate attention. But all the combined physical brain diseases are tiny compared to the emotional brain sickness; which is wide spread and starts from an early age. Emotional brain sickness starts right from the womb on wards. 20% get stuck with -2 emotional baggage, 30% get stuck with -1 emotional baggage, 30% with +1 emotional baggage and just about 20% have a +2 emotionally intelligent/healthy brain. 80% of the population grows up with varying degrees of emotional baggage. Thus by focusing on mapping just the electric grid of the brain it is like the whole neighborhood is on fire and you are trying to save one block with untested equipment. It is like fishing in the dark while the whole neighborhood is aflame and needs immediate attention!

While mapping the brain circuits is an uncharted territory with no sure results any time soon; creating brain education is now quite possible and will show guaranteed results.

Brain education is emotional intelligence education which is wisdom education. Wisdom education is no icing on the cake, it is an essential half of the cake. Wisdom education is as important as math and science. We at the 4th R Foundation have been researching wisdom/emotional-intelligence/brain education and have come up with a plan to educate the brain of the young and old and create emotionally super mature human beings on a massive scale.

It is the job of the President to identify and eliminate as much suffering of the common man as possible; he must do everything in his power to make life better in as many ways as possible. The vast majority goes through life struggling with the consequences of the emotional baggage in their brains. This emotional baggage has a devastating effect on individual lives causing a rippling effect on all society and the cumulative effect of all this in incalculable. It diminishes the quality of life, makes the individual suffer all life with emotional demons without knowing the cause of all this suffering.

Most Americans suffer from some form of emotional baggage; lets examine your own emotional baggage. Your parents were black and white and you identified your own self with being black. Your grandmother was prejudiced against blacks and she told you not to trust blacks. Your unconscious reaction was that you are black and you will prove that you are better than any and all whites. Till this day in all your meetings you unconsciously try to prove yourself as the smartest person in the room. You chew and digest, reflect on and research all the information that matters and a lot that does not matter. As a result while you are sleeping and your mind is sleeping your brain unconsciously keeps going over and over the earlier absorbed information. Your unconscious brain working all night results in you waking up tired.

The proof that your brain is overworked is clear from your tired facial images. Just look at your images while you were in Israel. Here you are totally enjoying your life as President. Enjoying exotic food and incredible sites; rubbing shoulders with the powerful, making history at every step; enjoying every moment. So why this tenseness? It is your emotional baggage that compels your brain to act the way it does. Just imagine your life without this tenseness! Your emotional baggage compels you to over prepare yourself so in many ways it is good. But it is like the booster rocket that put you into space. Now you do not need it but it is still there and what a drag it is now. Your face shows it all.

Just look at the chaos created by the emotional baggage for the majority of America. You can change all this from a crisis to a blissful life.

What we need is for the you to straighten out our education priorities. The reality of the current American life is crying out for deliverance from emotionally challenged behavior. You need to wake up to the huge opportunity of taking society to a whole new level of health, wealth and happiness. We need to introduce a new subject that teaches emotional-intelligence/wisdom/brain education; that ensures emotional health by creating emotional baggage free brains. Just imagine a society that is free of emotionally challenged behavior which is now possible.

Brain education is critically urgent and absolutely essential; it is an emergency that requires immediate action. It is up to you and your education and neuroscience team to take us up on our promise that we can create text books that teach brain/ wisdom/emotional-intelligence education to the young and the old.

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