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An Open Letter to Some of My Mentors, Teachers and All Those on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn Etc. Who Want to Change the World

It is our collective responsibility to make sure we create a wise society. Together we must take the essential steps needed to introduce wisdom/brain/emotional-intelligence education for the young and the old.

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    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, June 01, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Dalai Lama

You are a living miracle and all those who do not believe in miracles should try to understand the significance of your soul. You are the greatest living being; with profound knowledge of the mysteries of life. We are grateful for your inspiring public contribution to the welfare of mankind. Science has advanced to the extent that we now know that wisdom is the highest stage of emotional health and ignorance/evil is is the lowest stage of emotional health. Thus wisdom education is making the mind/brain emotionally healthy. There are therapies; even your very own mindfulness, that takes the subnormal/sick brain and heals it into a healthy brain. We must use the same therapies to create wisdom around the globe.

President Obama
You are already talking the talk on the mess in education. However your education team's walking the walk is the same old again and again failed methods of trying to teach emotional intelligence through educating the mind. The mind tries and wants to learn but the brain projects emotional intelligence through physical biochemical reactions. You are trying to persuade, preach, teach an ignorance producing brain to produce wisdom. It is like you are trying to teach a nitrogen producing machine to produce oxygen. No wonder your education policy is hardly successful. What you are asking with your moving words is for people to change their physical brains, their personalities! It can be done but only through brain therapy.

Oprah Winfrey
You have done more for waking up the world to the art of living. I wonder why you have not been offered the Nobel Prize for making the world a saner place. You need to organize a conference on real education reform that brings together all the sages mentioned here. We have to put together minds from religion, science and philosophy etc. to hammer out real solutions to the current mess in society and in education. Just imagine the biggest disease that blocks wisdom and creates a mess in society and education is the emotional baggage, which is not even mentioned in education conferences. We need a conference on emotional baggage, trophy self image and brain education etc.

Bill Gates
You are the biggest blessing to mankind. I can't even tell you anything extra to do except just this; you are spending half a billion on finding out what makes a good teacher. It is established knowledge that a wise teacher is the best qualified to teach. If only you will consider my plan to create text books that nurture wisdom in the young and heal the old into becoming wise.

The Google Bosses
Thanks to pioneers like you apps are already changing the world. I have original apps on wisdom, love, art-of-living, Happiness, war/peace, relaxation, relationships etc. Please atleast let me explain my app ideas to your relevant team.

Deepak Chopra
I am one of your bigger fans. You are effectively combining the knowledge from religion, science, mythology, philosophy to heal the soul. I have learnt a lot from you. But you are asking people to change their personalities through persuading the mind with words. To change the personality you have to change the brain through your very own very effective therapies. You must include brain education to purify the soul. A pure soul stems from an emotional baggage free brain. You must include brain therapy techniques that you are already a master of.

Tony Robbins
You are the most effective in transforming personalities because your methods infect the brain which is the correct approach to transforming personalities. It is like you inject an emotionally healthy chip into the brain machinery. Deepak educates the mind and you educate the brain. Both the mind and brain need to be transformed. If only you and Deepak would combine your techniques!

Daniel Goleman
You have brought emotional intelligence to the forefront. But you are still defining emotional intelligence by its attributes. Your latest book on focus is timely but focus is just an attribute of wisdom; it is an effortless property of living in the now. The time has come for you to push the world to wake up to the fact that emotional intelligence at the healthy stage is none other than wisdom. Please join forces to show the world that the time for wisdom/emotional-intelligence education is now.

Sheikha Moza
Your Highness has been the savior of education in the neglected nooks and crannies of the world. Your great leadership has transformed Qatar into a research hub for education. However last year you invited 1500 education experts to tell them that innovation is the key to education. This year you are going to sing the praises of creativity. You have the opportunity to create ground breaking education history by changing your WISE conference theme to highlighting the need for brain education. You can invite papers for step by step programs for developing a curriculum for the education for life.

Corry Booker
You are presidential material. You are a cross between President Reagan and President Obama; striking the right balance. However you had the opportunity to take education to the essential level. Instead of spending all of the 100 million you got on the same old mind education you could have spent a fraction of that sum on brain education. Being a senator you can still introduce brain education which will even make mind education a success.

Aristotle & All the Current Sages of Philosophy
You asked the question, 'What is wisdom?'. You made the mistake of assuming that wisdom is a stand alone entity. Wisdom is a secondary entity; it is a fragrance of the brain. But taking your lead even the current sages keep trying to put wisdom under the microscope; it is like putting smoke under the microscope in order to understand and create smoke. It is the healthy biochemical reactions produced by the emotionally healthy brain that is the fire. You should have asked the question, 'Why do we have so few wise/good people and so many ignorant/evil people in society?' You would have got the right answer. It is because we educate the mind and miseducate the brain. With our misunderstanding the true nature of wisdom our parents, teachers and society all create emotionally challenged minds and brains.

Prof. Harry Cahill of the State Department
Personally you are my biggest inspiration. You are one of the very few who understand brain education. You are quietly pushing for education reform without coming into the lime light. Please continue your efforts.

Malcom Gladwell
You have this rare ability to uncover reality from your own unique angle expanding the frontiers of science in intriguing ways. I wish you would review my work and expand it further.

All the Social Networking Stars on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Linkedin etc.
If you agree with me please share this with your senators, congressmen, professors and friends. Please treat this as a chain letter. If any of you can prove me wrong I am willing to have my left hand skinned alive on TV! If you are in the greater New York area I can do a wisdom or happiness seminar if you can get together at least a small group.

Surgeon General
Society is a mess, education is a mess; all because brain education is missing in schools and in adult education. Wisdom is not fuzzy anymore; it is produced by emotionally super healthy brains. Wisdom education will create super healthy brains. It is our collective responsibility to make sure we create a wise society. You have to use your bully pulpit to wake up our leaders and all America to the essential importance of brain education.

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