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Announcing The Campaign To Help Bring To Life; A Talents-Only Video Streaming Site That Will Truly Transform People's Lives

Ginormous.TV introduces its Indiegogo campaign, to assist in bringing the platform to life...

"With over 3 billion internet users worldwide, will definitely expose the massive talents that would otherwise never get discovered," says Janessa Perkins, one of creators.

    ELLICOTT CITY, MD, April 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The world is full of talent, undiscovered talent; unfortunately not everyone can afford to attend any one of the many talent search auditions.

And that's where Ginormous.TV comes in. The first of its kind talents-only video streaming website where users, from all corners of the world, can submit videos showcasing individual talents and skills. This interactive talents only video streaming platform, will offer individuals, from anywhere in the world, new opportunities to display their special skills. will offer the maximum visibility for talented individuals, allowing them to connect with decision makers - wherever they are.

Dynamic opportunities with the right interactive talent exposure platform = STARDOM!

For those who have the talent and the dream to succeed, submitting a video on will help them achieve fame and success easily.

Empowered with the latest in digital technology, this online portal will offer dynamic opportunities to display one's skills.

Actors, singers, voice talents, writers, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, musicians, circus artists, fashion designers, party entertainers and any other unique talents. All will be able to submit videos enabling them to gain maximum exposure on a global platform with an advanced management system.

Ginormous.TV is modeled with the innate human desire, to change peoples Lives through this free platform, where everyone is welcome to showcase their God-given talents.

No amount is too small to make this happen. So please donate now.

How the Contributions will be Used

The funds raised from this Campaign will help in:

1. Development:

A professionally built website, will require hiring a team of programmers and developers who will develop customer interaction system, like login, logout and register system, upload system, database system to store the information of users and videos uploaded, which require active page technique, like ASP.NET, PHP, Java, etc.

All these tools will have to be installed in the machine, and set up the development stage correctly, to make sure they work right together.

2. Establishing a hosting server:

Web Hosting is a commodity. The main elements of any web hosting plan are disk space and bandwidth.

Disk space is the space you have allotted on the web server to store your website.

Bandwidth is an amount you have available to transfer web pages from the web server to the browsers of visitors to your site.

Videos and graphics consume a higher bandwidth or capacity on the web.

The amount of storage required for a Video streaming site is phenomenal. For Ginormous.TV, to be able to offer a service that's reliable, a dedicated Hosting Server is Crucial, but rather expensive. Funds raised from indiegogo will help alleviate this obstacle.

3. Promotion of the Website.

Creating the buzz, news, social networks and all.

Promotion and marketing is essential for the success of any project. It will be necessary to create buzz and visibility for the site, especially during the initial stages of the launch, while Ginormous.TV establishes itself as the go-to platform for talent exposure.

4. Building a mobile app, for the website.
To be able to reach the over 4 billion cellphone users in the world, a mobile application will be necessary.

5. Initial Site Maintenance

Funds raised from the campaign will aid in the initial costs of maintaining the website.

An around the clock maintenance team to constantly keep the site updated, and handle server redundancy, failures, or security breaches is required.

6. Legal Component:
The funds raised will help in completing legal tasks like register trademarks, patents, and tax obligations.

What Supporters will Get:

In exchange for support, the Creators Of are offering different levels of perks including:

Friends of Ginormous.TV. 5.00
A personalized electronic thank you card and updates on the progress of this project.

In-kind Sponsors: 10.00
Personalized thank you card, (mailed out) with any one favorite Dr Seuss quote, to brighten their day! Supporters will get regular updates on the progress of the project.

Sustaining Sponsors: 50.00 or More

Exclusive only to Indiegogo sponsors, this personalized T-shirt, is an acknowledgement of the support towards this project. Supporters have the option to choose the text to appear on the T-shirt. T-shirts are unisex and come in small, large, and extra large sizes. This T-shirt is made of 100% preshrunk cotton with high quality full color printing.

Supporters will also get regular updates on the progress of this project before launch.

Lifetime Founding Sponsors: $100.00 or More

Supporters will get a a lifetime listing on the Ginormous.TV "Sponsors Gallery" page, a live web-link to the web-page of their choice. Supporters will be able to review the site before Official Launch, and give their opinions.

Lifetime Leader Sponsors: $1000 or More
Supporters get a lifetime listing on the Ginormous.TV "Sponsors Gallery" page, sponsorship will be recognized with a listing of ones company name and Logo (linked) on the on the Sponsors Gallery Page. Supporters will get to review the completed version of the site, before the Official launch.

Lifetime Champion Sponsors: $5000
Supporters at this level will get a lifetime listing on the "Sponsors Gallery" page, sponsorship will be recognized with a video and live web link and below it the name of ones company at the very top of the Sponsors gallery page. Supporters at this level will be able to make suggestions for features they would like to see on the site. (Of course not all ideas will be included, but the input is highly welcomed). Supporters will get to review the completed version of the site, before the official launch.

To learn more about the Ginormous.Tv Indiegogo campaign and to support this project, please visit:
Facebook (
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YouTube ( is one huge online world stage, where everyone regardless of location can share their skills with the world. Help build this platform.

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