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Apollo Enterprise Inc. Hits Back at Claims That Customer Service is Getting Harder

Apollo Enterprise have hit back at the recent statement, "Customer service isn't getting worse. Customer service is getting harder." The firm highlights how cross-channel marketing can be utilized to create great customer service methods.

    JERSEY CITY, NJ, August 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Apollo Enterprise is a relatively young direct marketing firm based in New Jersey. Although lacking in age the firm have already had a huge amount of success in the direct marketing industry. The firm encourage their clients to embrace the young, dynamic and vibrant touch that they offer to their service. Apollo Enterprise use direct marketing methods to promote their clients' product or service. This means that the sales force connects directly to the consumer through face-to-face contact. Consumers really value the personalised approach and this means that Apollo Enterprise can improve their clients' customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and generate more sales.

Direct marketing is an ever-growing industry and Apollo Enterprise say that they are proud to be a part of it. Direct marketing brings benefits for the firm, their clients and their clients' customers. This form of marketing generates immediate and accurate results for their clients that can be used to effectively improve future campaigns. Apollo Enterprise operate on a 'pay-on-results' only basis, meaning that their clients can get the most out of their marketing budgets. Direct marketing ensures that customers receive a personalised customer experience, which in turn increases loyalty and awareness to the clients' brands.

Apollo Enterprise has outlined how direct marketing improves customer service. The face-to-face communication allows for faster responses compared to online marketing that could take hours, maybe days to respond to the consumers. As well as this, it can help build personal connections with customers which in turn improves sales. This form of marketing also allows for the brand to test the appeal of the product or service and confirms which marketing approaches are best suitable to reach the desired target market. This means that only those interested in the product are being reached, in a way that suits them, for example if someone's preferred method of contact is email, then email would be used instead of calls that would most likely annoy the customer.

Cross-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach and engage with customers. In addition to allowing business to reach customers through different mediums, cross-channel marketing also makes it easier for customers to complete the desired conversion on whichever medium they feel most comfortable with. Apollo Enterprise say that giving the consumer a choice as to what suits them already improves their experience. Cross-channel marketing allows for a more personalised approach to conversing with consumers which makes them more likely to respond. It means that consumers can be met at every step of the process with messaging and offers that are uniquely tailored to their relationship with the brand. Being available across an array of mediums is extremely convenient for a consumer making them more likely to spend time and money on the brand. Apollo Enterprise believes that cross-channel marketing offers an all round improved customer service technique.

Customer service is extremely important to improve brand awareness and brand loyalty. A brand is more likely to receive a sale from a recommendation than to attract a customer that has not heard of the brand. It is also more expensive to attract new customers than to keep a returning customer. Apollo Enterprise say it is important to provide customers with excellent customer service to keep them returning for more.


Apollo Enterprise Inc. is a New Jersey based direct marketing firm that focuses on face-to-face marketing techniques. These techniques guarantee increased customer acquisition, brand awareness, better customer relationships and a higher return on investment for clients.

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