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ARMI, Inc. Releases Top Tips for Staying Calm During Speaking Engagements

With as many as 75% of people having glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, North Little Rock based direct marketing firm, ARMI, Inc. has shared their top tips for staying calm.

    LITTLE ROCK, AR, January 29, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Speaking in front of an audience triggers nervousness and anxiety in nearly three out of four Americans. ARMI, Inc. in North Little Rock, AR, has made it its mission to help people who dread the prospect of public speaking. A spokesperson of ARMI, Inc. says: "Being a good public speaker is vital for entrepreneurial success. With confidence, people are more likely to earn trust during meetings, business propositions or contract negotiations." In this article, ARMI, Inc. reveals their top five tips they teach their contractors on how to overcome their fear and hit the ground running.

About ARMI, Inc.:

1. Preparation
It sounds very basic, but it is crucial to fully prepare the content of a speech beforehand. ARMI, Inc. says preparation is essential and recommends thorough research of the relevant topic: "Be confident to discuss the content but always know a little more than necessary. This will create confidence and a little wow factor during the speech and Q&A."

2. Practice
ARMI, Inc. insists that practice is crucial. The firm recommends rehearsing the speech in front of a mirror or recording it to identify how to pronounce specific parts of the presentation effectively and where to leave little breaks, to give the audience an opportunity to take in valuable information. ARMI, Inc. suggests memorizing the opening of the presentation to get started with ease and confidence.

3. Getting to know the audience
One of ARMI, Inc.'s insider tips is to get to know the audience before the presentation. "Arrive early and welcome people. Have a friendly chat with them", explains ARMI, Inc. This gives the speaker an idea of any individual requirements, and once in the center of attention allows them to see one or two friendly faces in the audience, which helps the speaker to feel more comfortable and at ease.

4. Smile
The obvious reason to smile is that the speaker seems more likeable and passionate to the audience. In addition to this, smiling releases chemicals in the brain that calms nerves and promote a sense of wellbeing.

5. Visualizing success
ARMI, Inc. points out that by visualizing a positive outcome, for example how to conduct a speech in front of an audience with genuine confidence and applause, individuals have a better chance of success. They will effectively take the relevant steps to work towards achieving their goal, picturing themselves during and after a successful speech.

ARMI, Inc. is the number one marketing agency in North Little Rock, AR. The firm is a big supporter of entrepreneurship and teaches these five tips of successful public speaking to individuals who are planning to open up and run their own business but lack the relevant skills and guidance.

ARMI, Inc specialize in a unique marketing approach often leading to a high ROI for their clients. For more information Follow @ARMIInc_ on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.

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