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As Libya Overcomes Chaos, Newly Established Council Promises Clarity

Inaugural Meeting of the National Council on US-Libyan Relations Held in Washington DC on July 29, 2016

    WASHINGTON, DC, August 09, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A group of American, Libyan and European experts on Libya met in Washington DC last week to establish the governance structures for the National Council on US-Libya Relations (NCUSLR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding US relations with Libya and providing non-partisan credible information on Libya to US Institutions and vice versa.

"As Libya strives to overcome chaos and division amid civil war, the formation of NCUSLR is a recognition of the need for Libyans to see the US as a true friend and partner in helping to establish security and prosperity through effective state and private institutions," said Chairman of the Board Hani Shennib, adding "By providing a consistently reliable source of information about Libya, we aim to improve understanding and help create a sound American engagement in Libya."

At its inaugural meeting, the group laid out the Council's bylaws, and discussed short and long-term priorities and strategic goals and plans. The meeting participants also discussed extensively the deteriorating security, economic, political and humanitarian situation in the country and shared their concerns with Mr. Jonathan Winer, the US Special Envoy to Libya who attended part of the discussion as a guest.

"Economic stabilization in Libya can only be built on a foundation of trust," said Hafed Al Ghwell, Former World Bank Advisor and member of the Council's Board of Directors, during his talk on the multiple financial and economic challenges facing Libya today. While Wolfgang Pusztai, Austrian security strategist said, "US security interests in Libya can be better served by providing policy makers with real time reliable opinion and expertise."

As the Council on US-Libya Relations begins its long journey towards a deeper and wider engagement between the two countries across multiple areas of mutual interest, including health care, education, economic, cultural, and political cooperation, it calls on all friends of Libya to reach out and work with its board and experts to achieve these goals and objectives. "We look forward to working with Libyans, Americans, and others in a nonpartisan manner to create the most effective and constructive communications and deepen relations between the two countries," said its Vice Chairman professor Hassan Sassi.

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The mission of the National Council on US-Libya Relations is to disseminate information about Libya and to strengthen relations between the United States and Libya.

National Council on US Libya Relations (NCUSLR)'s mission is designed to better educate the US public on Libya and to promote relations between the people of the two countries. NCULSR was recently established as a non-profit organization with a tax exempt status.

Relations between USA and Libya encompass many essential facets which include education, culture, trade and many others for which the key for its success is good information -- which is terribly lacking today.

Since Libya's independence in 1951, the USA has prided itself in its ability to design and implement a mature and well executed foreign US policy in its relation to Libya.

More recently, and in particularly over the last ten years, it appears that the National Security Council, State Department, the US media and the public have become indented with misinformation about Libya, mostly fed by foreign interest groups and governments, to the detriment of the development of a sound US policy on Libya and its interests in the region at large.

Many have expressed concern with the continuation of the infiltration of such dangerous misinformation and its negative influence on US interests for so many years.

Libyans and American, individuals, government and Non-government organizations have often expressed opinions to this matter but in the absence of a focused effort, have not been effective in providing the necessary educated opinion on Libya to the US public.

NCULSR aims to be the focal point to these opinions which represent a most significant proportion of the Libyan people and their future.

Hani Shennib, M.D.
Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Phoenix

Hassan Sassi, PHD, PE, SECB, GC
Former VP Owen Group Inc. Retired
Walnut, California

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