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Atlanta Pain Center ASAP Discusses Runner's Knee and Tips to Avoid It

Runner's knee is a painful inflammation of the soft tissue around the knee, explains Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center.

    ATLANTA, GA, January 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center, an Atlanta pain management clinic, has seen the pain that athletes who put heavy stress on their knees can experience. This pain, which is known commonly as "runner's knee," can result from several different medical conditions that can cause pain around the front of the knee.

Understanding Runner's Knee

The knee is a complex and sensitive structure. Athletes can easily manage to misalign their kneecap, completely or partially dislocate their kneecap, have tightness or other difficulties with their thigh muscles, flat feet or other forms of injury. Any of these factors can cause the irritation of the soft tissues that are found at the front of the knee, causing runner's knee.

The knee, spine, and neck pain doctors in Atlanta encourage athletes to try to prevent runner's knee in the first place. Solid general conditioning of your body can help to reduce the stress on your knees, as can a good stretching session before any vigorous exercise. Wearing the proper gear and using the proper running form can also help to prevent runner's knee.

According to the Atlanta pain and spine specialists, runner's knee is a serious condition. If the runner's knee is being caused by a misaligned kneecap, further athletic activities can cause excessive stress to the kneecap and may even wear down its cartilage, causing further pain.

If you are currently experiencing the pain associated with runner's knee, it is crucial for you to see a doctor right away. You can make an appointment at the Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center by calling 404-355-2728 or by visiting

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Atlanta Spine and Alternative Pain Management Center (ASAP) is a holistic pain management practice focused on promoting healthy, active lifestyles for their patients. Their goal is to aggressively diagnose conditions to give each patient a personalized treatment plan to enhance their quality of life.

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