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Atlanta Pool Repair Company, Pinnacle Pool Services, Says Bigger Is Not Always Better When It Comes to Pool Pumps

Pool circulation systems rotate water via a filter. Various debris is eliminated, cleaning the water and sending it back through the pool sanitized and welcoming. The nucleus of the complete system is the pump, but having the right size is critical.

    NORCROSS, GA, January 08, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- How Much Pump is Needed
If your swimming pool capacity is 14,000 gallons, your turnover should be equivalent to 14,000 gallons. Every twelve hours, a turnover is necessary. Alternatively, pool pumps use a mildly dissimilar account of gallons-per-minute or GPM. Some of this may seem straight forward, but it is often misunderstood. An Atlanta pool service expert can assist you in understanding all of these details.

It has become highly acceptable to advertise on horsepower, or how strong a swimming pool water pump is, but not how proficiently it functions. Unfortunately, many pool builders regularly advertise against their competitors by offering a bigger pump, tempting consumers with a "free upgrade." Consequently, a large number of swimming pools have pumps that are extremely oversized. For instance, water pumps of one to two horsepower are very widespread; however, for the standard sized pool, this is much too big! Oversized pumps have become so common that a short time ago in California, a state no stranger to an abundance of swimming pools, that they instituted a regulation to control how large a pump is allowed on a swimming pool.

Problems with Oversized Pumps and Cost
Even though it may not seem practical, in truth, it is less costly to use a pool pump all day and all year round if it is the right size. However, if you own a two-speed or changeable speed pump, it is likely that operating your pump 24/7 is not possible; nonetheless, the savings are considerable if you select one of these types. Another major benefit of these pumps is that you cannot hear them. Therefore, you will be not only saving money, but lots of irritation as well. Still, running a pool on an eight-hour cycle is quite common. This means that for most of the day, your pool water is stagnant, not circulating, which is where things can get messy. Debris build-up, algae outbreaks and pH swings can take place. By contacting an Atlanta pool maintenance company, your pool will be up and running properly in no time.

In addition, ill-fitting pumps can wreck havoc on your filter. They pump unclean water through the filter and sanitized water back into your pool. If the pump is not working properly, you will find plenty of dirty water, along with other debris in your pool. Think of a pool pump as the heart of your backyard oasis; in fact, without it, your pool will turn into a pond of scum! An Atlanta pool inspection professional will make sure your pool pump is operating the way that it should. "If the quality of your water is awful, there's no point really in using the pool at all," says Greg Stephens, Owner of Pinnacle Pool Services. "You want to make sure you get the most out of your pool."

Professional Assistance
When purchasing your new in-ground swimming pool, you will have to decide what sized pool pump you need. An Atlanta pool service expert will competently assist you with measuring and determining what size will work best for you. By using a professional, you will avoid the mistake of purchasing a bigger pump than necessary.

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