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Atlanta Tree Removal Company Yellow Ribbon Explains How to Protect Trees During Home Renovations

If you are planning a home renovation project, take into account the damage that your trees may incur. Ask a tree expert for advice on how to protect your trees.

    ATLANTA, GA, February 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Something that may get overlooked during a home renovation project is the possibility of damage to your trees. There are several ways that construction can effect the health of a tree, according to Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts.

Exposure to the Elements
Trees often grow together and in turn protect each other from wind damage. If trees are removed form a group, then the remaining can develop sunscald on trunks and branches from the increased exposure to sunlight. Also the unprotected trees branches have an increased chance of breaking due to strong winds and ice loading.

Soil Compaction
The soil around a tree should be porous enough to hold air and water. Heavy equipment used during a construction project can compact the soil to the point that it decreases the amount of air and water in the soil. This can inhibit root growth and also limit the oxygen the tree receives, affecting the tree's growth.

Root Damage
Root damage is common during construction projects. A tree's roots can extend far from the trunk. It is not unusual for the root to be two or three times height of the tree. When underground utility lines are being installed, there is a risk for root damage. If possible, utility lines should be placed in areas where there is the least chance for damage. Damaging one of the main roots can cause the loss of as much as 20 percent of the root system.

Damage to the Trunk or Crown of the Tree
The trunk of a tree is very important to the overall health of the tree. Construction equipment that scars the bark, gouges the trunk or breaks branches causes permanent damage and if the damage is extensive, these injuries can be fatal to the tree.

"The best way to avoid any of these situations is to consult an arborist or an Atlanta tree service professional before beginning your renovations," says Gary Robertson, Owner of Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. "They will be able to advise you as to what can be done to protect your existing trees. It is not unusual for the damage to not be evident at the time of the project, but it will have a residual effect on the tree that will cause its decline over time."

Taking the time to make sure that your trees are protected during your home renovation will keep your trees healthy. Follow the advice of Atlanta tree service experts and plan accordingly. You will be grateful that you did when your project is finished and you still have your beautiful trees.

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