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Atmospheric Changes Affect Everyone On Earth! But What If There Were a Way to Cut Emissions and Particulate Matter by 50% or more and Provide Breathable Oxygen Back in to our Atmosphere ?

HNO Green Fuels Introduces Leefh2 which significantly reduces particulate matter emissions in diesel engines and provides breathable oxygen back in to our atmosphere!

Making Particulate Matter Emissions a Thing of the Past

    TEMECULA, CA, July 02, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- HNO, on the web at, stands for hydrogen and oxygen, the two building blocks of water. Without these two abundant elements, life on earth as we know it would cease to exist. Now, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. introduces the Leefh2 system, a method of reducing particulate matter emissions from combustion engines and improving the combustion efficiency of those engines while producing life-supporting oxygen for the planet.

The debate over the rate of climate change continues to rage, but at this point one thing is certain: millions of tons of pollutants and particulate matter are put into the atmosphere daily due to the use of combustion engines. Diesel engines support much of the nation's infrastructure -- from trucks, buses, and trains, to ships, off-road equipment, and generators. However, these efficient work machines also have a severe environmental impact. There are currently almost 400 million diesel engines in the world, with nearly 20 million new ones produced worldwide each year, with each engine capable of producing tons of air pollutants in its lifetime.

Not only cars and trucks but buses, trains, airplanes, ships, helicopters and tractors as well as all other types of combustion engines could become oxygen-producing machines while reducing fossil fuel consumption. The LeefH2TM has been shown to reduce particulate emission by 50 percent and more. Fuel reduction of at least 12% has been shown for diesel engines at idle, the most inefficient period in which a diesel engines runs. There was also shown to be a 19.5% reduction of Nitrogen Oxide, a 24% reduction of carbon monoxide and a 7.5% reduction of oxides of nitrogen.....all during diesel idle.

The following video gives a pretty good explanation of the problem and the product:

HNO's proprietary technology is focused on reducing particulate matter emissions from combustion engines (mainly diesel and jet). Currently "Clean Diesel" engine technology typically uses a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce particulates from reaching the atmosphere. However, because the method of combustion has not changed with the "Clean Diesel" systems, a large amount of particulates are still created during combustion cycle and ultimately clog up the DPF. HNO's Leefh2 (Leveraging Energy Efficient Fuel with Hydrogen) Diesel System takes an entirely different approach.

With Leefh2, the addition of hydrogen enhances the combustion flame in the combustion chamber of the engine, making the amount of unburned fuel exiting the combustion chamber significantly lower than with normal diesel combustion. As an additional environmental benefit, the Leefh2 process also produces breathable oxygen that is released into the atmosphere, just like an actual leaf. Leefh2 system includes an engine on-board diagnostic (OBD) interface and wireless transmitter module, so that engine data can be sent seamlessly to a Fleet Management system. This is important because the addition of hydrogen increases fuel efficiency depending on RPMs of the engine. For example, normal diesel engines are very inefficient when idle. Using Leefh2 when idling can reduce fuel usage by at least 12% or more.

If you're wondering where the hydrogen comes from in the Leefh2 system that enhances the combustion flame, the answer is simple -- water. Water (H2O) contains hydrogen and oxygen. In the Leefh2 system the hydrogen splits off from the water and is the catalyst used by the Leefh2 to increase the combustion efficiency of the diesel fuel or any other hydrocarbon-based fuel, for that matter.

The first tests on the effectiveness of Leefh2 have shown some pretty amazing results. Tests in EPA approved laboratories have shown a nearly 50% reduction in PM emissions in diesel engines (HNO believes a 90 - 95% reduction is possible). As mentioned above, 12% reduction in fuel usage was realized during the idling of diesel engines. Furthermore, even though HNO isn't going after the gasoline consumer market at the moment, 24% in fuel saving was achieved with certain classes of gasoline engines when conducting an EPA standard Highway Fuel Economy Driving Schedule test.

HNO has recently embarked on a crowd funding campaign. The Indiegogo website can be seen at:

Currently, HNO has eight patents (with more pending) for the Hydrogen Supplemental System. They have also submitted a patent application for Increasing Combustion Efficiency and Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions in Jet Engines. This is an epic discovery and one that will change our atmosphere and provide cleaner air for our bodies and our earth. Can anything else out there be any more epic than that ?

Located in Southern California, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. is a manufacturing, distribution, and research and development company specializing in reducing particulate matter emissions in combustion engines, improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy and producing breathable oxygen.

For further information Contact Jasmine Louis of HNO Green Fuels who can be reached by email at Or by telephone at 951-200-4246 ext 5

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