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Benefits of Guided Meditation are Immediate for Those New to Meditation

Guided meditation is an effective way to lower blood pressure, control pain, manage stress and feel a sense of well-being. Meditation instructor Richard Nongard, demonstrates an easy way to experience the immediate benefits of meditation.

    TULSA, OK, August 19, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Recent studies have found that guided meditation can lower blood pressure, reduce fatigue and help a person control stress levels. And while recent studies have focused on mindfulness meditation, many different forms of meditation can provide health benefits. Richard Nongard, a Certified Meditation Instructor and the author of the book Medical Meditation, says the Internet is providing a new forum for more people to learn meditation than ever before. For those new to meditation, the benefits are immediate and even short 2-3 minute meditations can produce profound results.

Nongard has launched a new guided meditation resource website at that provides free meditations for beginners and also resources for mastering advanced meditation techniques. According to Nongard, "Meditation is not complex, and does not require funny clothing or odd positions and the benefits of meditation are experienced immediately." Nongard also said, "The benefits of meditation are immediate, helping a person block unwanted stress, create a sense of calm. The techniques can be used easily by anyone, anywhere."

Meditation techniques for Mindfulness Meditation, Concentration Meditation and Autogenic Training are utilized to help people control pain, manage stress and anxiety, and recover from illness and surgery. Mindfulness meditation techniques include focusing on the breath and learning to focus on the moment. According to Nongard, this can be a useful tool in putting aside the stress of the day and avoiding anxiety about things which have not yet happened. Meditation CDs, tapes and downloads can all be effective ways for people to learn meditation correctly. His website offers many free guided meditation downloads and even an online meditation course, teaching the correct way to use meditation effectively.

Techniques from a variety of meditative traditions can be used to help a person experience the benefits of meditation. Although many meditation techniques are rooted in Buddhist tradition, Christian meditation and secular meditation techniques are also very popular. According to Nongard, the benefits of meditation do not stem from the philosophical origins of the meditation technique, but rather, from the learnings that take place during the practice of daily meditations.

Nongard's new website offers free guided meditation downloads, and meditation CDs, tapes and training videos. has been created as a resource to bring together those who are seeking meditation techniques for beginners, meditation for health, and meditation for increased awareness and self-realization. By downloading resources, people can derive experience for themselves the benefits of guided meditation without the need for expensive courses, travel and even embarrassment over learning something new.

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