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Body Language Critical for Successful Leadership Claims City Business Solutions

Leadership is usually defined by how people can nurture a group of people, resulting in successful ventures. However, City Business Solutions voices why executing the right body language is equally as important for developing excellent leadership.

    CHICAGO, IL, July 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Body language is extremely important and can often reveal a lot about a person or what message that person is trying to get across. Whilst a person may communicate one message consciously, there is always another more subtle message that may enhance, emphasize, or even disagree with the spoken statement that can be deciphered through body language.

A person's character while communicating will be judged largely on their facial expressions while they talk. Take the simple gesture of a wink, for example. When someone winks, it can either evoke a comfortable, warm, friendly feeling or a creepy, lecherous, negative feeling, depending on the facial expression and statements that accompany it. The expressions of the eyes play a huge role in how the message is received by others.

City Business Solutions have offered tips on how to improve body language:

1. There is no 'off switch' - Always stand in stature. This is not simply standing up straight or at attention. It is not only a physical posture but rather a state of mind. In other words, live in stature, don't simply 'present' in stature. Whether walking down the hallway, at a conference call, in a meeting - formal or informal - stature frames who you are, not just what you do.

2. Release tension - Ensure to release tongue, jaw, neck and shoulder tension. Consistently doing this will not only make you feel more relaxed and confident, you will appear that way as well.

3. Practice maintaining eye contact - Like our voice, our eyes convey everything. Eye contact connects people literally and figuratively with one another. It is a critical technique that will help break unconscious behaviors that send the wrong signs to the audience - namely anxious, insecure and untrustworthy. Making eye contact also changes how the voice sounds - lower pitch, enhanced resonance and vocal energy, it helps to embody integrity, confidence and authority.

4. Make gestures purposeful - Gestures help effectively tell the story. In any presentation, all gestures must be purposeful, not random, unconscious or ever repetitive. Also the way you stand in front of the audience matters. Practice in front of the mirror, hold your hands in front of you just below the belt line, clasp one hand in the other and notice what it looks like. For the next practice, engage stature and this time, lace your fingers together. Notice how you appear more grounded. This little hand adjustment can create a big visual difference.

5. Remember the handshake - The handshake is often the first connection made with someone. A handshake can be the equalizer. It conveys sincerity and warmth and should be firm but not aggressive. No exception should be made regarding, age, gender or status. Practice shaking hands with a friend or colleague while maintaining eye contact.

City Business Solutions is an outsourced sales company that run several major direct sales and marketing campaigns. The firm helps clients decide where they want to go and how to get there. At City Business Solutions they aim to have a profound impact on clients' businesses.

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City Business Solutions is a direct marketing firm based in Chicago Illinois. The firm help clients to reach their goals by creating and implementing unique campaigns developed to suit their needs. City Business Solutions' enthusiastic sales team actively interact and engage with customers to create lasting connections and increase brand loyalty. This focus on personalized customer service ensures that City Business Solutions can guarantee a high ROI for their clients and increase their brand awareness across the target demographic.

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