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Bravocar Brings Carpooling at an International Level. Have You Ever Used Carpooling Solutions? What Happens When You Are Abroad? What Website Do You Use? Well One Company Has A Solution:

Travel smart, travel green, travel cheap with Hitchhiking from the 70' revised to safer solutions. Thumbs up doesn't work anymore, but one company believes in changing this by providing an online portal for local and international trips!

Cut down car expenses - Sell your empty seats - Book cheap rides with A company claims to have a solution, local and international, with alternative transportation at a human level.

    OSLO, NORWAY, August 23, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When the 3 french friends said "hitchhiking is still alive" they mean business!

The project started around the idea that in the "big cities" of Norway "Yes they live there" there are tremendous issues with traffic congestion, although many collective transportation solutions exists the problems persists.

Thinking of that they decided to create a local carpooling platform, it was only after of weeks, looking at their design and brand, that they understood that this could actually be something they could bring at an international level, why? well, "because there is a need" they said, people need to have alternative solutions, but they need good solutions that not only will help them to cut down costs of transportation on daily basis, but also something that concerns them directly and a way to contribute efficiently to climate issues like Co2 emissions, traffic congestion and lack of social interactions.

Bravocar offers also "special categories" such as "Ladies only rides" reserved for women to book their trips, "Shopping rides" for the shopping enthusiasts, "Airport rides" and "Event rides".

There solution uses geo-localisation technology, allowing rides "That matters" to the users to be first hand visible on the portal.

They also insist on the fact that security is a number one factor, "To be able to post a ride on our site you need to have genuine identity, therefore we have phone number verification, email verification and pictures verification, we have a strict policy when it comes to security and want to provide trust to our users"

So how does it works?

Well, after you have been through the registration process you will be able to "post a ride", they have developed a price calculator with color codes as a guideline for a "driver" a green color means the price is under their guidelines and therefore a good deal, a black color price follows their guidelines when a orange color is overpriced, by doing so they believe that people might compete against each-other in the beginning but this will stabilize by the time passing.

How do they earn money?

Each booking is paid online, the company holds the funds until the trip has been completed, only then the driver will receive its "Due" minus an 8% fee for the site.

"Driving a site like this costs money, however we want to provide a solution which is not directed to profit-only therefore we take a small fee, cheaper than any other carpooling sites on the web, so users can get the most out of it, in addition to this we intend to use a great deal of our profit in environmental solutions by investing in projects that matters."

The platform launched in March 2014, although it has shown great interest in Norway and Germany they are looking for investors but also created a "Crowd-funding" campaing at Indiegogo.

Bravocar was registered in March 2013 after being supported by the mother company "The Open Project".

The company is owned by:
Rodolphe Delloye - CEO
Frederick Richard - Project Manager
Frederic Patry - Key Account Manager

Bravocar AS
Address: PB 5251 0303 Majorstuen, 0356 Oslo
Phone: +47 21018911

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