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Brooklyn Mold Inspection and Removal Company Announces Public Warning for Toxic Mold Growth From Superstorm Sandy Flooding

Flooding and water damage in NYC caused by Hurricane Sandy flood waters sets staging ground for rapid toxic mold infestation of New York City.

    BROOKLYN, NY, February 15, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- One of the oldest and most prestigious Brooklyn mold inspection and Brooklyn mold removal companies recently announced a public service warning for toxic mold growth in New York City and outlying areas. With the majority of New York City being underwater from Superstorm Sandy flooding the threat level for a major mold infestation and health crisis similar to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is on the horizon for NYC.

Recently congress has provided $61 billion for the area hit by Hurricane Sandy, of which, about 35 billion is to be set aside for New York City. Most of the relief funds will be used for homeowners and businesses whom do not have enough money to completely rebuild or repair their properties. These funds can also be obtained by homeowners and business owners that have may already have received an insurance payment. As usual with any federal aid, come the convolutions. The stipulations and criteria for those that qualify for assistance are still very unclear along with what construction guidelines people whom receive funds will have to follow when they receive federal aid and commence repair.

Furthermore, on Feb. 19th 15 million dollars from the New York City's Mayor Fund to Advance NYC was approved for use on approximately two thousand plus homes that need help with mold remediation and mold removal.

Moreover, NYC's congressional delegation just recently started fighting for additional Hurricane Sandy mold relief aid to help with the mold infestation plaguing New York City. The congressional delegation cited complaints directly to the secretary of Housing & Urban Development Shaun Donova, the chair of Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force created y President Obama.

The goal of a Brooklyn mold removal service is to remove or clean contaminated materials in a way that prevents the emission of fungi and dust contaminated with fungi from leaving a work area and entering an occupied or non-abatement area, while protecting the health of workers performing the mold abatement.

"Some of the most popular, professional, and state of the art methods for removing mold include exposure to super heated air, dry air, dry ice fumigation, sunlight (particularly UV light), ozone/air cleaning with HEPA air filtration, application of fungicides, and professional strength mold killer. These methods are the only proper way to physically remove mold and help prevent future mold growth. Obviously, the most effective way to completely eradicate a mold infestation is to schedule a professional mold inspection and mold removal service", stated Motty Katz from Five Boro Mold Specialist, a certified Brooklyn mold inspection company that has been serving the NYC metro area for over twenty years.

About Motty Katz and Five Boro Mold Specialist-
Motty Katz has been proudly providing NYC with water removal and water damage services, flood damage services, lead and asbestos removal services, and mold inspection and mold removal services for over twenty years. As Motty Katz has been acknowledged in many ways for helping "mold" the environmental industries in NYC, he has also been featured in the NYTimes, has been covered on local TV stations, along with winning awards for his achievements for not only himself but for his many environmental businesses as well.

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NYC mold inspections for Hurricane Sandy Flooding.

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