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Buckeye Shapeform Leads Enclosure Manufacturing Industry with Customization

Replacing 'one size fits all' with 'one-stop shopping'.

More often than not, a standard case doesn't quite fit the bill. With in-house enclosure design and customization, an OEM or designer can now modify an enclosure to fit their product's exact needs.

    COLUMBUS, OH, October 22, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With today's technological advances, enclosure fabrication is no longer compromised by standard enclosure dimensions, numerous vendors and limited customization. Today's forward-thinking enclosure manufacturers are beginning to think outside of off-the-shelf boxes and are bringing many enclosure customization options and services in-house. The result is a convenient one-stop-shop for enclosure design, fabrication and customization that greatly improves a product's speed to market.

One size really doesn't fit all

"Most enclosure manufacturers already offer a sizeable selection of quality standard cases in various materials, sizes, configurations and styles, such as desktop, handheld and rackmount units," said Ken Tumblison, President of Ohio enclosure manufacturer Buckeye Shapeform. "But more often than not, a standard case doesn't quite fit the bill. With in-house enclosure design and customization, an OEM or designer can now modify an enclosure to fit their product's exact needs."

By offering the flexibility to change everything from the height, depth or width of a pre-engineered enclosure case, enclosure manufacturers are giving their customers the freedom to design their products and applications without being forced to fit inside a standard enclosure footprint. As a result, it's more affordable and more convenient than ever for an OEM or designer to acquire a case that's perfectly configured to a specific product or application design--and 100 percent ready to install.

A one-stop shop saves time, money and effort

"Modifications allow better support for product and design engineers' requirements and specifications, down to the very last detail," said Tumblison. "And they allow customers to get everything they need--all from one single source."

When an engineer works with an enclosure manufacturer with customization capabilities, it ultimately lowers costs, simplifies billing and quickens product speed to market.

Customization options are endless

Once the need for a custom enclosure is determined, working with the enclosure manufacturer to commence the customization process is the first step.

In certain instances, starting with a standard enclosure and modifying it to fit a customer's design will work, other times, it's best to design the ideal enclosure solution first.

Some manufacturers offer detailed customization services like hole punching, machining and the application of self-clinching inserts, along with finishing touches like silk screening and graphic overlays. A few are even beginning to offer their customers access to technology-based design and drawing services.

Design flexibility and value-added services

With all the customization options that are becoming more readily available from enclosure manufacturers, it's easy to see how any OEM--or even a single inventor working out of his basement--can take advantage of cases designed to better meet the specific requirements of any type of product or application.

But the benefits of in-house customization solutions don't end with lifting the constraints on electrical component and product design. Manufacturers who provide these services at their shops are also bringing considerable value to their customers of all sizes in terms of customer service, time and costs saved.

"Today, we're seeing shrinking order sizes," said Tumblison. "OEMs and product designers are more pressed than ever for in-house resources. Customers are demanding faster and faster delivery times."

When an OEM is able to deal with an enclosure manufacturing expert who already understands the necessity for unique solutions, low volume or one-off orders and fast turnaround times, time and money is saved compared to placing and tracking orders with multiple vendors who may not understand or be able to accommodate needs.

The customization trend has shown that companies that offer customers a wide selection, as well as personalization and modification, are often rewarded with highly satisfied customers. History proves that when a manufacturer offers in-house enclosure customization solutions, OEMs and product designers in every industry win on every level.

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