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Buying Medical Supplies Online - The Power of Choice

With the opportunity to find information online practically about anything, is making decisions about your own health something to limit to face-to-face communication?

Truth be said, in the digital era, there is hardly a person who accepts a fact on face value without checking it online.

    SNELLVILLE, GA, March 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/

Great choice out there

Advocates of brick and mortar stores for medical supplies, such as Merrick Surgical Supply, claim that traditional businesses stand out mainly because of offering great communal support and personal advice on the spot. (How personalized it is, is a completely different matter.) Consider this: does meeting someone selling medical equipment in their physical store, a person who is by the way trained to sell, guarantee that you are able to make the best decision? Truth be said, in the digital era, there is hardly a person who accepts a fact on face value without checking it online.

In this respect, if you have a wide variety of alternatives at your disposal, you are given the power to choose, with peace of mind and ample time to consider all options available. So, when it comes to shopping medical supplies online, it is clearly not just about repeat buys. What online marketplaces such as mediPx can help you with is the wide range of options to consider from, all within easy reach. You can get connected to buyers and sellers, assess sources, judge, consider and eventually choose. Indeed, why rely on a single point of view, when it comes to a serious decision about your health?

Reliability is key

The apologists of the traditional ways suggest that online businesses lack in reliability. Such implications border on nonsense, to put it mildly. Online marketplaces have strict terms and conditions, which are set out in a clear and comprehensible manner. There are transparent procedures and policies that are followed without exception. In this sense, to imply that one can find reliable, on-the-spot replies to queries about their health only in face-to-face point of sale, is at least conservative in a quite dogmatic way, especially in our digital age. To suggest that there should be only one way of offering medical products verges on stubbornly sticking to a long-established status-quo.

Moreover, speaking of online marketplaces as unreliable is simply frivolous and demonstrates lack of knowledge of the very nature of e-commerce. To give one example, online-based marketplaces are much more dependant on social proof. Supporting accounts in social media to keep in touch with their present and prospect clients, they are also much more open to criticism and for that reason more wary offering only high-quality products and above unfailingly impeccable services. It is pretty simple - the failure to do so will lead to highly visible customer feedback.

Business for the brave

Supplying medical products online and offering buyers and seller a choice to compare, assess, come back and choose mediPx are a perfect example of the application of an innovative blue-ocean strategy - a strategy employed by players who know that nothing is given at the market and that nothing should limit their views and ideas. Instead of focusing on cut-throat competition, the minds behind mediPx and other companies operating in this field prefer to pay more attention on adding value to their service.

Finally, going online and improving their marketing efforts the companies operating online elbow their way into established industries in order to satisfy demands that start to emerge. Offering convenience, flexibility, speed and multiplicity that differentiate it hugely from brick-and-mortar marketplaces, e-commerce is yet to offer more and more options. Defying traditional norms, online marketplaces have proved that they meet and surpass their high business objectives. The result - ultimate customer satisfaction. And this is what we all want, isn't it?

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